📈 May Statistics

Here are the numbers for May:

Visitor Numbers
We have 194 more visits and 43 more unique visits than last month.
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Most Visits
We have new top visitors this month in the IRL. A lot of returners - very good.
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Relationship to DePaul
This month, we are continuing the trends of April in terms of types of visitors.
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Days Visited
Thursday has become the most visited day in the IRL, with Wednesday running a close second. There is no clear event data to match this increase in numbers; however, people like to hang out in the IRL before night class. We have had a few popular events on Wednesdays which may be inflating our numbers.
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Dates Visited
Mondays are still showing the greatest number of people on an individual day; Thursdays are consistently high in numbers though; this is most likely the case for Wednesday as well. May 8th, we had the Grow with Dremel workshop. May 13th, we had Barb's class who had a laser cutting workshop, a screenprinting workshop, and the GEO 334 class coming in for a discussion. May 20th, we had Barb's class. May 30th, we had a class come in for a book binding demo.
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Time Visited
Wednesday, we are seeing consistent numbers throughout the day. Thursday, the most popular times are 10:00 - 11:00 and 16:00 - 19:00.
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What are people making?
Meetings/Other continues to have the highest numbers.
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Overall, the numbers for May are much higher than previous months!