Making the Most of Your TCEO Google Account

Dan Charlesworth
Dan Charlesworth
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1. Use Google Chrome as your default web browser

Chrome is a Google product and, as such, integrates deeply with Google Apps. For the most seamless experience open your Chrome settings and click the Make Google Chrome the default browser button towards the bottom of the screen.

2. Archive emails instead of deleting them

Your Google Mail inbox has no size limit (hooray!), which means you should only delete emails when you're positive you will never need to read them again. When you're done with a conversation, click the Archive button which looks like a cardboard box.

3. Folders are called labels in Gmail

They function in most of the same ways as folders, but keep in mind that messages can also have multiple labels. Labels can also be colour coded and even include emoji for extra organisation.

4. Look for Mary in the upper-right of the screen

Many people already have personal Gmail accounts, including those of their spouses or children. It can be easy to forget which account you're logged in to, so make sure you don't conduct any work-related communication unless the TCEO logo is in the upper-right of your screen.
The TCEO logo means you're on your TCEO Google account 41 KB View full-size Download

You can always switch between accounts by clicking your circular user icon and using the menu.

5. Use the search box to find anything

Every Google App has a white search box front and centre. This is the fastest and easiest way to find any email, event or file you're looking for regardless of where you've filed it or what state it's in.

6. Your email settings are under the "cog" menu in the upper right

You can set up many useful features for your account such as:
  • Signatures
  • Forwarding
  • Message filters
  • Out-of-office settings


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