Zoom Chat - Making Climate Change Education Mandatory for K-12, September 12, 2021

Scott Henson
Scott Henson
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Related Resources from our Discussion (also see slides as there are many more there as well):
  • Integrated Environmental and Sustainability K–12 Learning Standards. These standards describe what all students should know and be able to do in the area of Environmental and Sustainability Education. Consistent with the intent of the law governing environmental education in Washington state (WAC 392-410-115), these standards are intended to be integrated into core content areas and across all grade levels. The Integrated Environmental and Sustainability Standards were updated to reflect the adoption of new science, ELA and Math Standards.
  • Sustainability Ambassadors.  Sustainability Ambassadors supports teachers to explore, develop and apply a problem-based learning model in service to a more sustainable future. Sustainability Ambassadors continuously curates real-world curriculum resources and convenes classroom/community expert roundtables to support problem-based learning in service to a more sustainable future. Sustainability Ambassadors connects equity, economy and ecology in a triple bottom line approach to sustainable systems problem solving. We coach student leaders, teacher leaders and community leaders using this intersectional framework. Through our Equity Advocacy Intern Program we are investing in young students of color to learn about and help lead this movement. Sustainability Ambassadors is joining with frontline organizations in shaping, scaling and institutionalizing green jobs youth pathways including our own staff development. We are building learning partnerships with thought leaders, policy makers, program managers, teacher and student leaders, to identify systemic challenges and build systemic solutions.
  • ClimeTime. From their about page: ClimeTime is facilitated by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) —in collaboration with the UW Institute for Science + Math Education—through a Washington State legislative proviso originally requested by Governor Jay Inslee of an annual $4 million investment that began in 2018-19 and continued as a $3 million investment in 2019-20. OSPI manages the network and the grant funding flows through all nine Educational Service Districts (ESDs) in Washington and six community-based organizations (CBOs). The ESDs and CBOs have launched programs for science teacher training, linking the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and climate science (see links to the NGSS for elementary, middle school and high school for weather and climate). In addition to teacher professional development, the project supports the 15 grantees to develop instructional materials, design related assessment tasks and evaluation.
  • Climate XChange. From their about page: Our mission is to achieve a durable, just transition away from polluting fossil fuels in the United States by advancing climate policy at the state level.  We empower state and local policy makers, business leaders, and advocates with the information, resources, and networks they need to make these policies a reality in a way that best serves local communities. Through the State Climate Policy Network (SCPN), 15,000+ members strong and counting, we build collective knowledge and forge new connections to boost state campaigns nationwide. Our network helps changemakers learn from each other to increase the ambition, equity and durability of state and local climate policy.
  • National Climate Assessment and NGSS. The National Climate Assessment (NCA) is an excellent resource for educators to use as they implement the NGSS in their classrooms. Recognizing that the NCA is a resource that emphasizes integral core ideas to the NGSS but does not include further instructional support, we have identified NGSS performance expectations that connect well with the NCA and identified some sections and figures in the NCA to support those performance expectations. The included connections are by no means comprehensive, but merely a starting point for exploring the NCA as a supporting resource for educators implementing the NGSS.  

Chat Log:
15:04:21 From Jae Geller to Everyone:
I am going to need to leave for a bit and then hope to be back in about a half hour.
15:04:35 From Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle) to Everyone:
Ok Jae - we will record the meeting as well...
15:04:54 From Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle) to Everyone:
15:05:01 From Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle) to Everyone:
That’s where we put the conversations...
15:05:16 From Jae Geller to Everyone:
Thank you!
15:10:14 From JimL to Everyone:
Link to Basecamp for ongoing discussions
15:10:18 From JimL to Everyone:
15:21:10 From Don Parda to Everyone:
I sent the following to Claire Wilson last week "I hope you, as vice chair of the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee, make it a top priority to assure we are educating our students about the global warming emergency. I plead with you to assure their education includes the call-to-action, described briefly in my signature block, for a prompt and significant reduction of personal carbon footprint. The future of our planet may depend on our educated children educating their parents who have yet to fully comprehend the need for action against the global warming emergency which was "unknown" for much of their parents' lifetime."
15:54:58 From Brad Street (he/him) to Everyone:
My understanding is that Governor Inslee origninally pushed forward the ClimeTime funding in his budget specifically with a goal of all students in Washington should be able to explain what is happening with Climate Change and be thinking about what to do about it.  So he would likely be a good lead on a bill like this.
15:55:31 From Brad Street (he/him) to Everyone:
Hi all. I haven't joined these get togethers in the past, but would name that as a part of my work with IslandWood (an environmental education organization), I have been doing Climate Science teacher professional development as a part of the ClimeTime work, serve on the board of E3 Washington, and have been a part of this past year's work on updating OSPI's Environmental and Sustainability Education Literacy Plan.
15:56:12 From Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle) to Everyone:
Welcome Brad and thank you for introducing your background!
16:00:21 From Brad Street (he/him) to Everyone:
Thank you John!
16:05:44 From Brad Street (he/him) to Everyone:
Could it be an updating of the already existing Washington State Environmental and Sustainability standards?  They are multidisciplinary by design. What they aren't is funded or supported by the state....
16:06:58 From Don Parda to Everyone:
We all ought to be fearful of global warming - and on the lookout for reasons to be hopeful..
16:08:27 From Mary Manous to Everyone:
Climate XChange has monthly calls with people working on climate at the state level.  I don’t know that I’ve heard anyone bring up climate education, but I’m sure there would be people on these calls who would appreciate having John Stafford put on a Deep Dive into climate education for this group.  Noa Dazell would be the person to contact. https://climate-xchange.org.
16:10:13 From Philipp S-P to Everyone:
I think history and economics and math are all indirectly important as well as it takes this skills to calculate the financing, the change since the industrial age… all part of making it work.
16:14:03 From Brad Street (he/him) to Everyone:
16:14:33 From Brad Street (he/him) to Everyone:
I agree Philipp.
16:16:54 From Brad Street (he/him) to Everyone:
After a quick google, this article looks like it talks about the Climate Change connections in NGSS: https://www.climate.gov/teaching/national-climate-assessment-and-next-generation-science-standards#:~:text=The%20NGSS%20introduce%20global%20climate%20change%20as%20a,understanding%20climate%20science%2C%20engineering%20capabilities%2C%20and%20social%20dynamics
16:18:35 From Barbara Young to Everyone:
Thank you for bringing up that point Scott!  So important!
16:19:08 From Brad Street (he/him) to Everyone:
These are the ESE standards I mentioned: https://www.k12.wa.us/student-success/resources-subject-area/environment-sustainability/integrated-environmental-and-sustainability-k%E2%80%9312-learning-standards#:~:text=These%20standards%20describe%20what%20all%20students%20should%20know,core%20content%20areas%20and%20across%20all%20grade%20levels.
16:20:54 From Don Parda to Everyone:
This is the call-to-action that accompanied my response to Claire Wilson (mentioned in earlier comment). "Sea levels were 78 feet higher and temperatures were 5°F warmer, when, 3.6 million years ago, CO2 concentration last reached our current level of 420 ppm. We need to promptly reduce our CO2 emissions to the sustainable level of 3 tons/person/year (current emissions: global 4.5, USA 17.5). Tenaciously spread the Less Now, More Later message. Now, embrace a Less lifestyle – less heating and cooling (GreenBetween 55°F to 85°F, https://greenbetween.home.blog/), less driving, less flying, less meat-eating, less procreation (2 children max). Later, we can embrace a More lifestyle made carbon-free by implementation of green technology and infrastructure. In addition to your share of the common footprint, what’s in your carbon footprint? 7 tons for heating your home above 55°F? 4 tons for driving 12,000 miles at 29 miles per gallon? 2 tons for flying 10,000 miles? 1 ton for eating one serving of beef each day?...
16:24:11 From John Stafford to Everyone:
My e-mail: jestaff@msn.com.
16:24:48 From Brad Street (he/him) to Everyone:
They would be a great connection for this work!
16:25:38 From laurazeffer to Everyone:
Thank you John. Excellent to know all this. Anything we can do to accelerate the process?
16:26:23 From Brad Street (he/him) to Everyone:
If someone wanted to talk with them further, I could connect them up to Peter Donaldson who leads up the Sustainability Ambassadors.
16:30:16 From Brad Street (he/him) to Everyone:
My email is brads@islandwood.org
16:30:53 From Philipp S-P to Everyone:
Thank you John!!!
16:31:10 From Brad Street (he/him) to Everyone:
Yes, thank you John for moving on this work!
16:31:30 From Barbara Young to Everyone:
Thank you so much!