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The Rails Foundation is looking for a project team to design and deliver the Rails World website.

Your team will consist of: a freelance junior developer, a mentor to guide and oversee the project, and the Rails Foundation (your client).

The goal of this project is to release and update the RailsWorld website in several phases:
  1. May: Landing page with links to speaker cfp, sponsor prospectus
  2. June: A 5-page conference website (speakers, schedule, FAQs, venue info, tickets & registration)
  3. October: Preparing the website for archiving after the conference ends

Positions & Requirements:
These are paid positions, and for each of the roles, we welcome candidates of all backgrounds.

The Rails Foundation is looking for the following:

Junior Developer
  • Design and develop a responsive and user-friendly event website that meets our functionality requirements and is consistent with Rails World branding
  • Embed Tito registration for ticketing
  • Ensure the website is responsive, accessible, and mobile-friendly
  • Conduct thorough testing and debugging of the website
  • Participate in team meetings and communicate project updates to the mentor and client
  • Knowledge of Ruby on Rails design patterns
  • Familiarity/experience with HTML, CSS, Turbo, and Stimulus
  • Experience with responsive design and development, or a curiosity to learn
  • Experience with wireframing would be useful
  • Ability to work independently
  • Experience with Git and GitHub
Candidates should be:
  • Able to provide links to previously written front-end code, whether that is a GitHub link, portfolio site, or personal projects
  • Recent bootcamp graduate, or self-taught.
  • Not yet worked in their first in-house development role
  • Legally set up as a freelancer/contractor
Time commitment:
Work will start immediately and will run until October when the conference ends. These are not full-time positions; workload will vary depending on the current phase of the project with the majority of the site being delivered by end of June.

The number of hours required for this project will depend on various factors, but developers can expect around approx 20-30 hours of work in total.

Applications for this position are now closed.

  • Mentor and coach the junior developers to help them grow and develop their skills
  • Review and provide feedback on project phases and deliverables
  • Participate in team meetings and meetings with the Rails Foundation (the client)
  • Extensive experience with Ruby on Rails and Hotwire
  • Previous mentorship experience with early career/junior developers
  • Previous project management experience would be useful to help the developer understand workload and what should be prioritized
  • While you may specialize in one over the other, enough experience with both front and back end development
  • Ability to communicate effectively and with empathy
Candidates should be:
  • Legally set up as a freelancer/contractor or LLC
Time commitment:
The mentor will provide guidance and oversight throughout the project, ensuring that the developer is on track and that the project meets the client's requirements, therefore the mentor's time commitment may vary depending on the phases of the project. We expect them to work closely with the developer and provide guidance throughout the project's duration, meet weekly with the team and the client for a standup, and be available async to answer questions.
  • Mentorship: Around 10 hours
If you are an experienced mentor with a passion for web development, and a desire to work on this project and foster the growth of a junior Rails developer, we encourage you to apply. 

Applications for this position are now closed.

Other comments:

It is our hope that at the end of this project, the junior developer will have a valuable addition to their developer portfolio, as well as payment for their work. Developer and mentor applications should indicate desired fees for this project, and we will strive to provide a fair renumeration to all parties.

Could the Rails Foundation develop its own conference website quicker and cheaper? Absolutely. However, we want this to be an opportunity for an early career dev who is struggling to find their way in this difficult job market. 

In addition to remuneration, the team will be mentioned by name on the Rails World website in the following capacity:
This website was created by <Dev Name & Link>, a junior developer from the Rails community.
It was commissioned by the Rails Foundation and created under the mentorship of <Mentor Name & Link>.

This is a new project for the Rails Foundation and will be approached as an experiment. As such, feedback on this project is welcome, even if you are not applying yourself. Feel free to send that feedback via this suggestion form.