🎉 (EVL) Sprint 1 Report

Previously we have 6 issues for Evangelists Sprint, there are:
  • Membuat demo repo untuk EVL-3
  • Passing Value dengan Props di React
  • State pada React
  • Cara menulis pesan commit yang baik dan belum tentu benar
  • Cara berkontribusi ke Open Source
  • Git untuk yang belum terbiasa dengan git

In this sprint, our goals are to:
  • Increase followers number from 34 to 40 (Success)
  • Increase engagement-rate from 2.9% to 10% (Under consideration)
  • This sprint run from 22 Oct to 25 Oct 2019, here are the report.

Now we have 43 followers (+9), here is the recap:
  • 22 Oct (+4)
  • 23 Oct (+1)
  • 24 Oct (+4)
  • 25 Oct (0)
Significant followers are increased after publishing:
We don’t have any plan to set a followers number as our goals in future.

Our goals (10%) was too high. Since we don’t know how Twitter give us the engagement-rate number, 5 days to increase 7.1% engagement-rate was too unrealistic. We only achieve 3.9% (+1%), but an increase still an increase.

We will wait until the first week of Nov 2019, I will set the status to Success if we achieve 1/2 of our goals (5%).


  • Talking about "unrealized general topics" was have more interest (about Git commit message for example)
  • "Open discussion" was increased our engagement-rate number significantly
  • We can takes some niche topics based on open discussion
  • Cara berkontribusi ke Open Source issue is unfinished


Based on this sprint, we have 2 considerations:

Diskusi Terbuka
What if do Open Discussion every Thursday? Previously we takes a topics based on our followers, how about in future we take it based on ours?

This consideration goals to increase our engagement-rate, followers, and branding.

Akhir Pekan Terbuka
Inspired by Open Source Friday by GitHub, how about we do something similar but in Weekend? Its like we try to picking some random repositories by GitHub user from Indonesia, then we try to contribute on them?

This consideration goals to increase our brand and helping new comers in contributing to open source


We have reached goals for this sprint, in future we will try to set more realistic goals.

Keep the good work, team!