5-14 LSP TF Public Minutes

Shannon Pritting (SUNY)
Shannon Pritting (SUNY)
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SUNY LSP Task Force Meeting 5.14.2018

Members in attendance: Shannon Pritting, Shafeek Fazal, David Schuster, Bonnie Gallagher, Maureen Zajikowski, Heidi Webb, Kristy Lee, Angela Rhodes,  SMSP Representative: Jennifer Smathers

  • SMSP Guiding Principles Discussion
    • Link to Guiding Principles: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E3TiUOV_l-9aSk-hxJ7jLaFO65aFFyPqvjJVEFXgvzs/edit?usp=sharing
    • Introduction: Document is meant to be a communication vehicle, mostly to the non-Vanguard campuses.  Explains principles behind why decisions are being made in certain ways.  Promises and values of the vision, explaining it out.  2nd page broke out into what can be done right now document that should be separate from guiding principles, but should be out to wider SUNY world ASAP.
    • Discussion of NZ as primarily physical titles: Refers to bibliographic records, what the primary reason for that was.  
      • General discussion of e-book records and CZ collections.  Hosting NZ collections will require maintenance, while CZ collections will not, and this is a major consideration.  One issue is access points and metadata quality for e-book collections, which is something that other working groups are reviewing.
  • Discussion of local bib fields: For campuses on shared servers, scripts have been written to look at certain fields, to migrate to holdings without having to change workflow.  
  • Discussion of "Standards for cataloging will be followed": Make sure not referring to local cataloging practice.  Didn’t want people trying to retrofit standards, so left ambiguous for a reason.  This is overarching document, a sort of "readme" file before people get into actual policy.
  • Motion to approve the split documents into Guiding Principles and cleanup: Shannon moves; Angela seconds.  All approve.
  • Other things coming from SMSP?  Nothing is active for today, everything else still needs more information.  Nothing more to come forward in the near future.
  • June Meetings: Working groups and vanguards invited, but could open up attendance via webcast.  Shannon can share with Task Force to join virtually, but in person 6-7 people total outside vanguards, primarily chairs of working groups or heavily involved in working group of task force will be attending.  
Discussion of Data Sharing Framework
  • Now that we have a system that we can test configurations on, and to ask ExLibris questions, we need to determine how much sharing of data the SLC wants to move forward with.
  • Connected to Sandbox group, since campuses that are interested in Sandbox will want to know exactly what can be anonymized
  • Need to know what the system is capable of, and need know what campuses are interested in sharing as well.   We will have specific workflow needs, developing what we need to do, and then what the system can do to meet those needs.
  • Anticipate hearing what the SUNY policy will be on the sharing of information.  For state operated campuses, licenses of non-disclosure will not limit state-ops from sharing, since they are all SUNY.  
  • First step: gather as many data points that we have specific use cases for in shared.  Some examples are: what data needs to be shared to implement a fulfillment network, and what data needs to be shared to effectively manage e-resources at a network level?
  • Institutional Research group at SUNY level might be a good group to talk to as well.
  • David Schuster is interested in working on this group, and Shannon is reaching out to Analytics working group to get further representation.  The issue is a bit broader than analytics, but this issue seems to be most connected to analytics.