OpenCart < 2.3

V 3.0.3 (25-07-2019)
  • Removed internal forms in checkout for giropay, eps, iDEAL and direct debit. Additional data is now always requested on payment server side.  Also removed related configuration settings.

V 3.0.2 (22-05-2017)
  • Fixed display of payment method logos on non-standard installations

V 3.0.1 (31-08-2016)
  • Fix for SDK Sofortuw

V 3.0.0 (04-07-2016)
  • New SDK 2.0.2 implemented. 
  • Add logos at the frontend. 
  • Add bankstatus checking for giropay and eps. 
  • Fix syntax error for backend configuration not saving correctly. 
  • Improve how the confirmed button is disabled to avoid double request. 
  • Show error messages when the transaction fails.