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WELCOME to LifeWave® and the LightLeads888 Team!
LightLeads888 = Enlightened Health and Wellness

This webpage is intended primarily for the LightLeads888 community, which includes Joseph & Julia Peck's family and friends, the Empower 2000 family, and those in our LifeWave® downline.

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A) Introduction

It's been said, "You become the average of your 5 closest friends!" Therefore, choose wisely who you associate with and learn from because that makes a big difference in who you become and what you accomplish. Success leaves clues. Our top core value as a team is THANKSGIVING. Other core values include HONOR, SIMPLICITY, and COMMUNITY.

While we can't guarantee your success, we will do our best to empower, equip, and strategically connect you to grow as a person and with your business. However, you must do your part. There are no shortcuts. The speed and level of your success depends on how much time you invest  and how strategic you are in learning and connecting, following our recommendations, and sharing the patches with family, friends, and people you meet as you journey through life day-by-day.

B) Steps to Succeed
  • Step 1: Use the Product daily (commit to a minimum of 90 days)
  • Step 2: Review weekly or monthly
  • Step 3. Plan your training and connect on at least one training webinar weekly

C) Upcoming LIVE webinar training

We encourage you to listen to at least one weekly Zoom webinar with Terry Beatley, Renita Brannon, or Steve & Gina Merritt and their leaders.

1. Terry Beatley is the direct upline for Joseph and Julia Peck. Terry is a wonderful trainer. She often teams up with Cynthia Sauer. Terry and Cynthia are doing a great job facilitating their calls. We encourage you to participate in some of their calls.

Terry is hosting a Zoom call with at least one doctor each Wed at 7 pm Eastern for brand partners to grow their business. For Terry's webinars, please use this Zoom connection: 
2. Steve & Gina Merritt

Steve & Gina and their associated expert leaders typically host powerful, high-motivation training webinars on:
  • Mondays at 8 pm Eastern
  • Tuesdays at 3 pm Eastern
  • Wednesdays at 8 pm Eastern
  • Fridays at 1 pm Eastern
  • Saturdays at 1 pm Eastern
Here are the Zoom connection details for their calls: 
3. Renita Brannon

Renita Brannon is 3 levels above Terry Beatley in her upline. Renita is the top personal enroller for LifeWave® in the world. She is high energy, very enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, and a wonderful trainer.

To keep up-to-date with the schedule for Renita's training calls, please join her Facebook group: LifeWave Wellness Warriors – Health/Wealth (Renita).

Team Resource Pages - We recommend you:

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