June 3 Minutes

Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
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Agenda and Minutes:
1. Finalizing the revised WG charge
  • please review and comment on the final version by Monday June 8th.
  • Kristy will forward the final version to David & Jennifer to submit to LSP Advisory Board next Wed June 10th
2. Folders updates
  • David will run those ACRL folder reports again to confirm 
3. Future of the Analytics WG
  • Jennifer is leading a small group (David, Kathy and Gail) to tackle the ACRL, IPED & LARS and other reports for best practices and standardizing for SUNYs. Group will update progress at the next AWG meeting July 1st.
  • The group will do some short presentations to the SUNY consortia community on Analytics folder organization and orientation. 
  • Gail will post on our group Basecamp from time to time with updates and Q&As received/answered related to Alma/Primo analytics.
  • Group membership - if you are not able to commit due to work/circumstances changes, please don't feel pressurized to obligate. 
4. Others, Announcements, Updates, etc.
  • Kristy reported from ExL Knowledge Day presentation, ExL plans to skip OBI ver 12 and go direct to Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) version migration.
  • Kristy will check the timeline of the OBI version migration at the next ExL/ELUNA Analytics WG update meeting. 
  • AWG is interested in the new OAS interface, Kristy will contact Davin Pate (UTD) and Janice Christopher (UConn) for a short live demo for the group.
  • Gail will send out a DoodlePoll once we confirm the date with Davin or Janice, during the month of June.
  • Next meeting Wed July 1st 10am
  • Kristy will share a draft of personal folder move under institution folder instruction, possible for SUNY adoption before the OBI migration.