Washington, DC District Committee Roster

Tony Phillips
Tony Phillips
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Your Washington, DC District Committee is listed below. You can click a name to email them or click their avatar to Ping them in Basecamp. To view the organization chart for the District, please click here.

District Key 3

Overall district leadership is provided by the Key 3, consisting of the District Chair, the District Commissioner, and the District Executive. The district’s purpose is to support units to ensure that our youth members get the best possible Scouting experience in the safest possible environment.
  • District Chair: Aaron Marrs /
    Aaron Marrs Aaron
    • The District Chairman is the volunteer leader of the District. The District Chairman gives direct leadership to the district committee and is a member of the council executive board.
  • District Commissioner: Greg Fairbanks /
    Gregory Fairbanks Gregory
    • The District Commissioner, who is responsible for the unit service function, gives leadership to the district commissioners and meets regularly with the council commissioner and other district commissioners. 
    • Washington, DC District Commissioners Roster 
  • District Executive: Christa Waterwiese /
    Christa Waterwiese Christa
    • The District Executive is the full-time professional scouter in the district. They are employed by the National Capital Area Council and works under the Scout executive’s direction. The district executive works closely with and supports the work of all district volunteers.

District Committee

  • Vice Chair, Marketing and Communications: Kim Acquaviva /
    Kimberly Acquaviva Kimberly
  • Order of the Arrow Chapter Adviser: Jai Evans /
    Jai Evans Jai
  • Deputy Chair, Program: VACANT
  • Deputy Chair, Operations: Tony Phillips /
    Tony Phillips Tony
  • Chartered Organization Representatives (also listed above with their committee assignments)
    • Terrence Andrews - U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary (Ship 25) /
      Terrence Andrews Terrence
    • Gloria Bell - Shiloh Baptist Church (Troop 524) /
      Gloria Bell Gloria
    • Beverly Bonilla - Sacred Heart School (Pack 319) /
      Beverly Bonilla Beverly
    • Daniel Callis - All Souls Episcopal Church (Troop 248) /
      Daniel Callis Daniel
    • Edward Elder - Washington Ethical Society (Troop 1123-B, Troop 1123-G) /
      Edward Elder Edward
    • John Feeley - St. Anthony's Catholic Church (Pack 98, Troop 98) /
      John Feeley John
    • John Higgins - Blessed Sacrament Church (Pack 90, Troop 90) /
      John Higgins John
    • Phil Jackson - Campbell African Methodist Episcopal Church (Pack 1869, Troop 1869) /
      Scoutmaster Phil Jackson Scoutmaster
    • Robert James - St. Timothy's Episcopal Church (Pack 1650, Troop 1650) /
      Robert James Robert
    • Curtis Mahoney - St. Patrick's Episcopal School (Pack 4700) /
      Curtis Mahoney Curtis
    • Luke Mitchell - St. Peter's Catholic Church (Pack 380, Troop 380-B, Troop 380-G) /
      Luke Mitchell Luke
    • Raymond Quianzon - Palisades Community Church (Pack 61, Troop 61) /
      Raymond Quianzon Raymond
    • Mike Ryan - Capitol Hill Scouts (Pack 1, Pack 230, Troop 1-B, Troop 1-G, Troop 500-B, Troop 500-G) /
      Mike Ryan Mike
    • Jihad Abdus Salaam - Masjid Muhammad (Pack 1517, Troop 1517) /
      Jihad Abdus Salaam Jihad
    • Michael Shurkin - Ohev Sholom Synagogue (Pack 5776) /
      Michael Shurkin Michael
    • Nathaniel Sims - Northminster Presbyterian Church (Pack 24, Troop 24) /
      Nathaniel Sims Nathaniel
    • Elizabeth Snee - St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church (Pack 100, Troop 100) /
      Elizabeth Snee Elizabeth
    • David Thompson - National Presbyterian Church (Troop 1946) /
      David Thompson David
    • Richard Tilley - Metropolitan Memorial Methodist Church (Pack 666, Troop 666) /
      Richard Tilley Richard
    • Ernest Wyatt - People's Congregational United Church of Christ (Pack 544, Troop 544) /
      Ernest B	Wyatt Ernest