Tikvat Israel Online: Services and Programs

Rabbi Marc Israel
Rabbi Marc Israel
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Even as we expand our in-person services and programming, Tikvat Israel is committed to maintaining online access for those who want to participate but are not able to attend in-person.

Please use these instructions to access us online:

Unless otherwise noted, daily services, weekly Friday study, Saturday night/Havdalah services, and many of our educational programs take place via Zoom: 
Shabbat and Holiday services take place in-person and are streamed via StreamSpot and YouTube, which you can view by clicking here.

Weekday Minyanim (Accessible via Zoom) 

  • Sunday Morning Minyan (9:00 am)
    Join us for Shacharit service Sunday morning, either in-person in the Tikvat Israel Sanctuary or online. 
  • Monday–Friday Morning Minyan (8:00 am)
    Join us for online Shacharit service Monday–Friday morning. 
  • Sunday–Thursday Evening Minyan (7:30 pm)
    Join us for online Ma'ariv Sunday–Thursday Evening. 
  • Saturday Evening (Consult B’kesher for Service Times)
    Join us for online Ma’ariv & Havdalah on Saturday evening, right after Shabbat. 
On Weekdays, we are calling pages from Siddur Sim Shalom, either the pocket version or the full-size blue/grey book for Weekdays. Please contact the office if you need a copy.

Shabbat/Holiday Services (Accessible via StreamSpot)

  • Friday Evening Kabbalat Shabbat (6:00 pm / 6:30 pm in summer)
  • Shabbat/Holiday Morning Services (10:00 am)
On Shabbat and Holidays, we are calling pages from Siddur Lev Shalem. Please contact the office if you need a copy.