📢 Securities trading solutions based on AI

Securities trading using chart patterns has always been the subject of research. Decisions are supported by sentiment indicators and news analysis. All of these sources contain an insatiable amount of data and are suitable for processing and analysis with Big Data concepts and AI.

Aliexchange is the platform for related solutions. These are structured and accessible behind an API. At present, some approaches are already at a late stage of development and have been successfully tested. The introduction of a publicly accessible interface has been postponed for obvious reason.

A partial solution of the results will be presented at Chacotrade.com as a chart isometric based solution. At Aliexchange.net you work on the basic algorithms and learning processes on an abstract level.

For this you need knowledge within the AI, e.g. neural networks, agent system and machine learning.

If you feel this is your spot, please contact us at info@qubitica.net.