Fundraising Help for Units

David Hollender
David Hollender
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Because BSA registration fees and dues do not fully cover the costs of Scouting, individual units, Powhatan District and our local Scout Council offer fundraisers to keep programs affordable for all.  Check out opportunities for raising money for your adventures, keeping our camps and facilities in good shape, and enabling us to offer training plus challenging and fun activities for Scouts of all ages!


This is an easy and productive fundraiser for units!  Scout take and deliver orders, and units get a share of the profits.  Powhatan District takes care of logistics, procuring the popcorn and other treats. Scouts with needing financial assistance can earn extra dollars in camp scholarships.  Learn more by visiting our popcorn page.


The Camp Card fundraiser is designed to help units and Scouts earn their way to Camp this summer! Units participating in the 2019 program will earn 50% commission, ($2.50) on each $5 Camp Card, and offers a RISK FREE way to raise funds. This year’s sale runs from February 1st to May 15th. Sign-ups will begin November 1st. To learn more, and sign up, please go to  Cards will be distributed at the February Roundtable for unit leaders. Have questions? Send an email to


Beyond the official fundraising opportunities, some units plan their own efforts.  If you are thinking about organizing your own effort to raise money for your Troop, Pack or Crew, here are a  few key things to consider:

  • Official Fundraisers (like popcorn and camp cards) provide essential revenue to support local Scout camps, camporees, and other activities of value to our entire Scouting community.  We hope you will consider offering a portion of your fundraising proceeds to help keep the Scouting program strong and affordable for all.
  • All fundraising activities must be designed to uphold the good name, and nature of the BSA as a civic organization.
  • You should submit a Unit Money Earning Application (Form 34427) to obtain approval for your fundraiser in advance.  You can send it by email to our District Finance Chair (

There are a considerable number of rules and guidelines for unit fundraisers.  Learn more on our Money Earning Project Guidelines page.  Questions? Contact Powhatan District’s Finance Chair, Sheridan Kramer ( for assistance.