AWG 9/5/18 meeting

Wendi Ackerman
Wendi Ackerman
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Analytics Working Group meeting
  • The group agreed to focus on the “crosswalk” from Aleph to Alma.  
  • We will begin with creating a list of reports and/or data from Aleph used by each of our own campuses, which will inform a later survey to obtain similar information from other campuses
    • A google doc will be set up and shared with everyone to put the info together
    • Gail will contribute a list of reports frequently requested from OLIS
  • Harvard and ExLibris both have documentation that does some Aleph to ExLibris comparisons, but the terminology used requires a level of understanding of Alma and Oracle BI
  • At the last Working Group Chairs meeting Wendi discussed testing the ACRL data against reports from CZ – Brockport has kindly shared their ACRL data from last year so that we can test with it.
  • We are unable to test financial reports until we have access to another Vanguard, or until the rest of us are migrated.  Per Kristy, she anticipates the migration will happen early Nov. Kristy will ask Potsdam if we may have access to their data in the meantime.
  • The NZ is primarily for managing e-resources, testing ACRL reports there will not be helpful
  • Kathy will share a document started at their campus with some crosswalk info, Wendi will create Google Docs for the list of reports. 
  • Next meeting 9/19.