Brand and Strategy Manual

Next Up is a community of contemporary, unique and emerging artists that rally around the flag of Unitec, providing a platform where innovative design pieces and art works are created and sold by current Unitec students. 
We are committed to empowering independent creatives and return 100% of profit into the individual Artist.

Next up will endeavour to be professional at all times in both presentation and communication in concordance with the values of Unitec. Any issues with contributing artists or customers will be managed in a timely and considered manner. Up Next works with their contributing artists in a fair and respectful way and seriously maintains integrity in regards to any monetary gain. 

After the first three months of the launch of Next Up online the Brand and Strategy team will review the mission statement intently to see if it still accurately reflects the heart of the company. Furthermore, the brand will be revised annually in order to stay cutting edge and relevant to our target audience. However, our core values will remain constant and are non negotiable as they are the DNA of the business.

Our Summer sustainability plan can be exercised over Unitec's summer break to keep momentum after launch. (Please revise Summer Sustainability plan in seperate document) Long term we will seek collaboration opportunities with Mr Vintage and Clever design studios.

Our strategy is to give opportunity to emerging artists to display and sell their designs.  Submitting artists are current students plus one year post graduation extended to include ex Unitec students by invitation. We are artist focussed; we will show dedication to this by sourcing advice and inspiration for students from prestige and industry experience presenters delivered in the form of webinar, tutorial or workshop.

Lastly, staying technologically savvy and relevant to our customers is who we are. Delivering a respectful and professional service that is timely tied to an anchor of integrity is at the core of Next Up. The Next Up business is orientated to the needs of supplier students, customers and our team.