Employee Benefits

Last updated June 16, 2021

Medical (Aetna)

  • We will cover 100% of you and your family's premium.

Dental (Aetna)

  • We will cover 100% of you and your family's premium.

Vision (Aetna)

  • We will cover 100% of you and your family's premium.

Mental Health

  • $260 gift card for Talkspace per year (if requested).

Paid Time Off

  • Unlimited paid days off per year (sick and/or personal).
    • Our hope is you will take around 20 work days off per year, but if you need more time for various life events or emergencies we understand.
  • 7 holidays off as well: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.

Parental Leave

  • See "Paid Time Off" above.
    • We encourage you take at least an additional 40 work days off before returning to part-time and eventually full-time work.
    • If you need more than 40 work days off, please get in touch to discuss options.

Family & Medical Leave Act

Devices & Equipment

  • Any laptop or equipment you need to do you job we will cover 100% of the costs (please get approval before purchase).
    • We prefer you use Apple laptops since that's what most of the team uses and we're all familiar with that operating system and app marketplace.


  • Any software you need to do your job we will cover 100% of the costs.

Continued Learning

  • Any books or courses you want to take which will help you do your job better in some way we will cover 100% of the costs (up to $1,000 per year).

Profit Sharing

  • This is based on a highly recommended process from Peldi at Balsamiq.
  • Bonus is at our discretion. It's a bonus program, meaning it can change or stop in the future depending on how we do. Basically, it's gravy (you should hopefully be happy with your base salary + benefits).
  • Full-time team members only - you must be a full-time employee or direct contractor to get the bonus (not a part-time contractor, agency, or Partner).
  • Bonus pool available is 10% of total net income for the year (Dec 1 to Dec 1)
    • 25% of that is split equally among employees
    • 75% is split based on seniority
  • We calculate seniority based on the number of months worked at MemberSpace as a full-time team member. Over time the difference in seniority goes down as everyone becomes senior. This means that in the long run, bonuses will even out for everyone. It also means that the addition of a new team member does not dramatically reduce everyone else's bonus right away.
  • We'll distribute the bonus annually in December.