BBSHD Ludi V2 RELEASE firmware

This is the firmware will be embedded into the latest version of the Luna-Edition VESC Tool.

Changelog from the last version:

* New Android UI, custom made for Luna
* Easy battery settings
* Proper field weakening implementation
* Ruggedized PAS code to prevent false triggering
* NTC/PTC motor temp sensor autodetection
* Throttle can be set to a fixed 100% level
* Periodic voltage and current offset calibration
* Fix SOC for 72V setups

5.02 - STABLE 4:
* Profiles now work

5.02 - STABLE 3:
  • Pre-configured battery settings
  • "Acceleration Temperature Decrease" reduced to 0% to prevent early temp throttling
  • Keep the motor spinning for 3 seconds when pedaling stops to prevent chain slapping
  • Early UART configuration to catch the initial eggrider power level packet so the bbshd can remember the last level set. Works well for 52V batteries, not fully validated on 72v systems
  • Custom eggrider packet to show battery voltage on the display when batt voltage is >60V
  • New commands to set and read the default power level. Useful when there is no display.