Arturas Pranckevicius
Arturas Pranckevicius

This is from discussion with my friend and college Jeff, I think it would be interesting  to read that for all our lads:)

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....I started to watch video about disarming and stopped from moment  what is in photo :) I wrote what principles I use for Disarmament myself . From my experience  only Simple stuff works and only if it lays on a few Basic and Simple Principles.

Second one lad is idiot and clown. If your goal is  to make people laugh-go in cirkus. Guys came in shooting range and do mess with apploses.. no comments on that..

What I was told  when I met good instructors for the first time:

* In most of cases you dont need hours and loads of pages of complicated stuff to explain principles. If you cant fit it in 1page -you have no clue what are you doing. Only after that you can take Any of Principle and use no more than 1 page to explain this principle. And again and again this way.

* then you start to learn something new, switch off your head from everything  you know. Only things you have to worry about are:   Principles of Biomechanic of Human Body( shoulders and hips moves together, power goes from legs, dont break yourself), Human Reactions/ Psychical Reactions ( if your opponent believes that deceptive movement is true one, his reaction to true movement is 6 time slower), and Timing ( when and what to do).

* You have to be Task/Goal orientated: 
If you have to Get Result you have to Adapt to Circumstances and Improvise.

So PRINCIPLE OF THE FLOWER ( attacked bellow)
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 is my explanation to my students why its ok to do any type of sport or martial arts-thats builds up your Coordination and your Body's Adaptation to different environment / situations.More different movement you do -bigger Reserves of Movements you have.

When you understand Principles and know your body's and mind's capabilities you can use them to Reach Target/ Goal with Reserves you have. It means that every time you can get different result in the same circumstances with only one the same Thing-Task Orientated ADAPTATION and  IMPROVISATION with using Principles of Biomechanic and Psychical Reactions( yours and your opponent's).

Only from this point I start to teach Physical Techniques. I use different techniques to teach different guys and by doing that I get exactly the Same Results:) Like in Chinese saying- There are loads of different ways to Reach the Top of Mountain. All of them are right ones and at the same time all of them can be wrong ones:) It depends from level of your Skills and Knowledge in relation to Task orientated Adaptation and Improvisation.

These Principles  guys in Russia Special Forces  named SYSTEMA:). It means PRINCIPLES and Systematic Approach.

:) And some western  guys did business from that and they made STYLE-Systema what is exactly opposite to main idea of Adaptive and Simple Principles of Task Orientated Usage of Resources you have.
So they are Cheating- you cant sell Principles because they are Simple:).

Do you  remember how I explained Ground Work to Ritchie? Stand Up and Keep Going:) -I gave to all lads straight answer which lays on decades of my experience in professional competition  fights and street fights:).
And only lad who understood simplicity and efficiency of that was you:)

Its always nice to discuss with you about different ideas. I hope it was interesting for you to  read 

  • A few basic principles of Disarmament: 

( attached bellow):
  1. this is Dangerous; 
  2. you can be Killed; 
  3. if you wont do anything-you will be DEAD. 
  4. untill you alive-YOU HAVE A CHANCE. 
  5. So use this CHANCE and do it SIMPLE and EFFECTIVELY.

Do it Simple and Use Systematic Approach of ( attached bellow) :
  1. Principles of Biomechanic of Human Body;
  2. Psychical Reactions of Human Behavior;
  3. Timing.

  • All techniques are good and at the same time are wrong. I had loads of that type of situations so I know that from my own experience.

My conclusions here was simple once:

if you go on to many small details-you are dead. This is because of  characteristic of consciousness -in non stress situation  consciousness can keep concentrated on 5-7 objects.After that numers counsciousness will be Jammed. In stress situation -not more then half of that it means 2,5-3,5. But from my own experience I found out that you can control only 2object- and  only like Strategically Decisions: Yes or No.

So I use that characteristik ( jam)in my favor- I decide what is the Task ( task orentated solutions) and I let my body work ( i jam my consciousness on task, for example Disarm). And after I Do it anyway its possible in that circummstances ( adptation and improvisation).

I use counsciuosness only for analyse of training methods and only in Training. And after 20 years of training I do and teach only Simple Stuff. And thats way it works:)

Sub Consciuosness - operates with the  visual images. On the same principles like we use apps in smart phones. We know what app we want to use and we Use It. Without trying to understand what way  this app is built. 
If you will try to watch your fingers whose are using app -you will be jammed.

So you  use this app anyway its comfortable to reach the target ( example with ground work) without thinking how to do it-there are no time for that. No time  for anything-just move to target.. anyway you can.

So only way I use it:

I need something ( Task), I open it ( Yes) , Get what I want ( Execution of Task), Close it ( End of Task)- its Algoritm. If I opened wrong one (No), I  close it ant I try again until I get correct one ( Choices) . This is  how  I use different techniques-the way it goes.

This intro is about how  to devide Thinking and Doing. In strategy they named it from Big to Small. It means Decide what is your target and Reach it ( any simpliest way).
 Doesn't matter how you will disarm your opponent , don't  concentrate on small details-redirect position of his gun ( or move from line), direct gun to him-take his gun ( do it simple, use biomechanical principles of human body and psychical reactions, do it in right time ( timing).