Oct 6

Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
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Agenda & Meeting Notes:

1. November "Show & Tell" Analytics presentation/participation
Since ExL is doing a training workshop series in Fall 21, maybe we can wait after this training and conduct our "what we learned and how to apply" training in analytics in the spring of 22.

2. Updates
Joan tried using the normalized call number mentioned by David, and it worked well.

Kristy talked about the ELUNA/iGELu Analytics WG updates, Yoel Kortick was replaced by Rafi Gabbay as the ExL coordinator to the group; WG current projects: local authority subject area; Events/System events reports.

Ex Libris offers - Alma Analytics Master Class - Fall 2021 training series starts Oct 21. Registration click here
We encourage all to attend and to announce/publicize this event to colleagues in their own library/campus.

Homework assignment: note one or two things that you learned from each of the training session, then post on our AWG group Basecamp.
3. Future meetings in 2022 
Nov 3 meeting is canceled. We will meet again Dec 1. At the Dec meeting, we will discuss our meeting schedule for 2022 onward.