About OPR

Welcome home!  I'm glad you're here and I want to thank you for acting on your interest to learn more about the services offered at Original Press Releases

 First things first.

Original Press Releases serves  SEO professionals exclusively.  We require corporate documents and/or acceptable identifying intellectual property such as a letter head or corporate logo.
h2. I'm sorry, but we do not work with Internet marketers or content marketers.  
h2. My name is Ramiro Rodriguez. The first thing I want to communicate is, "Please don't worry," you are in good hands! I've been on a number of teams with search engine optimization professionals and I know how to perform the work without too much direction. 
h2. My staff and I will perform every action you approve to help your clients' websites climb to top of the SERPs.  I will be happy to refer you to several writer's platforms most of which uses the same rating system here so you know you will receive quality work. Click here to send me an ema