Welcome to the information about Nature and Adventure Promoting Wellbeing-course

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How could we empower our clients to gain meaningful experiences supporting wellbeing? What is the importance of knowing myself as a reflective practitioner? Where can I find tools understanding deeper and being able to use possibilities of our environment? 

Nature and Adventure Promoting Wellbeing is a course for all students of social and health care interested about empowering experiences supporting wellbeing. During the course you will gain new professional competencies, but also learn a lot of yourself, your own values and relation towards nature and natural environment.
costs: 220€ (early bird) 300€ (normal) for students of COHEHRE member institution
Including: teaching, teaching materials, lunches, 3x dinner, accommodation for 4 (22.-25.5.) nights

The course consist of pretask and an intensive phase in Finland at the end of May 2019. 

Independent pretask(1ECTS) is open from May 1st in Facebook (you will get invitation by e-mail)

intensive course in Finland (2ECTS) 
May 20.-22. working in the city 
May 22.(evening)- 26. in the middle of no-where
May 19. and May 27.: travelling days

Registration https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/232F64585B40C17F.par 
Registration; early bird February 15th (220€), normal (300€) till March 10th.
Confirmation of execution latest on April 1st - do not book your tickets before confirmation of your participation. The course is executed if there are 20 participants. The maximum amount of students in the course is 30.

You are warmly welcome to the course

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BR Ulla-Maija & Eija

Ulla-Maija Seppänen                                        Eija Mämmelä
Senior Lecturer (OT), LAB Master                  Head of degree programme in Physiotherapy                                                       
ulla-maija.seppanen@oamk.fi                        eija.mammela@oamk.fi