Patron Purging in Alma 07-28-2021

Hello everyone,

We had a SNAFU doing live work in Alma, so I promised to make a screencast of the rest of the process...which also had a glitch! :-) It's always best to have a sense of humor about these things, and they can be instructive, after all.  Here is a link to the screencast:

To answer Elise's question about changing the Delete User Policy: It is absolutely OK to change the Delete User Policy. The system is warning you because changing the policy will change what information is kept and what information is deleted, and if you run the Purge Users Job after changing this policy, you can't go back and retrieve information that was deleted... That's all. It doesn't mean you can't change the policy again.

To answer Douglas's question: What about users with no expiry date?

I would create a query in Analytics to find users with no expiry date. What I found when I did that were 37 user records--many of those were staff. There were only 13 public records without expiry dates, so you could easily go into each of those records to find out their status and whether you'd like to delete them. Here is the query I used:
Subject: Users
Primary ID, Expiry Date, User Record Type, User Group
Filter Expiry Date to "Is Null"

Regarding Amanda's question: To enable the last patron activity date in Alma Analytics, go to Configuration > User Management > General > Record Last Patron Activity Date. Click "Yes - update the activity date for any future patron activities, and display the last patron activity date in the user record." Click Save and Execute.

To answer Tina's question: What does the purge date actually mean? Why change the purge date to 1994?

My sense is this is overkill, to make absolutely sure you aren't purging any records that you shouldn't be purging. When we did this presentation last year, it is what we did, so I did it again this year. However, since we created a distinct user group to run the Purge Users Job on, and added user records to that group using a set, the purge date became irrelevant. Here is a link to ExLibris's recommended process:

It is possible to run the Purge Users Job based solely on Purge Date, and if you were going to do that, then the purge date would become much more important (and the process more scary!).

OK, I think that covers everything. Thank you everyone!

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