August 4

Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
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1. Revisited the list to gather training topics for SLS team. The SLS team will probably schedule basic training of analytics in September. Kristy volunteered to help with content/slides review/feedback as needed. All AWG members are encouraged to host analytics training topics (of specialty) for the SUNYs.

2. The Alma Analytics July Release Notes - new default analytics reports. Anyone tested them out yet? any problems?

3. David at Binghamton is working on collection reports, found some sorting problems with the Call Number Normalization issue. Maggie provided some tips & tricks on collection report call number sorting.

4. Maggie will share some sample collection reports in the SUNY Consortia Shared Folder, look for the folder name "Collection Development"

5. David will share an open url report that can look up the e-book usage and call number range in Primo/Alma catalog.
6. The Consortia Shared Folder deletion problem persists. Folders and reports should have been deleted months ago, keep coming back and cause confusions, ExL knows about this defect. SLS has filed a support ticket with ExL.

7. Next meeting date is September 1.