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Close Protection Course -March 2019

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Course places:
First week  -Dublin, Ireland
Second week - Elektrenai, Lithuania.

Course program:

  1.  UK SIA level 3 Close Protection Course (Highfield Qualifications);
  2. Tactical Firearms for Bodyguards (Defensive Tactics);
  3. Empty Hands Combat for Bodyguards (Defensive Tactics);
  4. UK level 3 First Aid at Work;

Daily timings: 
7:00-23:00 (Adequate fitness level is required);

Entry requirements:

  • Required docs:
1. CV;
2. Proof of  address;
3. Copy of valid driving license;
4. CRB (criminal record check)

  • If your documents will suit us you will be required to do and email us video record of 3 min fitness test ( requirements will be explained later).

  • After fitness test you will be connected to our e- learning module of course for online induction.

Course price:


accommodation, two meals per day, transfer from/ to Dublin and Kaunas airports, ammo, weapons, certification);
Flights to/from Dublin and to/from Kaunas;

To keep your booking safe deposit of 500€ will be required.