March 4, 2020

Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
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Agenda + Minutes

Old business - 
  1.  list of standard reports. As we work through the Community Folder, we should have a list of reports for each specific areas.
  2.  CZ folder organization
    • Reviewed folders recommend that we use the Consortia/SUNY folder and see if we can get rid of the Institution/01SUNY folder. Kristy will send out a note to the consortium about this decision, so people will only use the Consortia Folder.
    • Gail will work with SLSS Staff to determine best place for them to have folders in the Constoria/SUNY folders.  Reducing redundant reports.
    • Individuals took over certain folders to determine which reports work or not.
      • David - Surveys
      • Joan - Fulfillment
      • Elise - Physical Items
      • Kabel - Resource sharing, User
      • Jaclyn - Fines & Fees
      • Kathy - e-inventory, Funds Expenditure
    • Gail also demonstrated how to run a report in "preview" mode at the bottom of the screen so you don't have to go into each report.
    • We will not be deleting anything or moving just verifying what is there works.  If something doesn't work make a note and bring it back to the group.  It could be that filters or prompts need to be adjusted.  It is not expected that the WG members would modify the reports to make them work.
  3.  Analytics WG charges
  • Reviewing the charge and responsibilities.

New business -
  1. Current membership
  2. Does everyone want to continue on?  Please let Kristy know by the next meeting in April if you want to roll off. 
  3. The LSP advisory board will look for at least 2 additional members to be added to the Working group in July.
  4. WG policies, procedures and guidelines

Other stuff -
  1. Meeting date & time / once a month?
    • Seemed to work for everyone
    • May meeting probably will be a different time due to ELUNA
  2. other things??
    • Kristy is on the ELUNA Analytics working group
    • OBI 12 release has been delayed due to issues during testing