Feb 2, 2022

Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
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Notes on general discussion:
1. Primo analytics
User behaviors, simple vs advanced searches, Primo dashboards, vocabularies and terminology.
How do our users start their searches on Primo, e.g. by title, ISBN, etc., by databases.?
Some Primo reports included in the dashboard might be useful, e.g. popular searches.
Are the users re-directed from other access point, e.g. Google Scholar, PubMed, etc.
Maggie can access the NZ to see an overview of general Primo usage.

2. User role report
David (Bing) created and uploaded a report to list out all users of Alma with a role other than Patron, to see the total count of staff (with roles) users. Potential use of the report to clean up user accounts (e.g. retired, resigned, etc.) for maintenance purpose, and or other SUNY use.
** Homework assignment for the group ** - please test and run this report, and provide feedback at the next meeting. Path to this report /shared/Community/Reports/Consortia/SUNY/_AWG To Review

3. Call for new AWG members
Kristy will send out a call for new members to join the group. We are looking for someone from the User Experience fields and or interests in Primo analytics. Maggie provided a list of all campus institutional leads. (Thank you, Maggie!)

Next meeting - Wed March 2 @10am.