1Q2019 / WK 3: Best way to leverage CFA's report on Dual Agency, see one vendor's response

1/16/19: Deconstruct CFA's report on Agency Reform, provide feedback, dissenting opinion (eg. MA revised form = tainted & obsolete when update in 2017)

Has word may have reached you that CFA released a report on the Agency Mess this week.?  Some of the people on this list may have been asked to review CFA's report before it was released, and Steve chose to accept some comments are reject other feedback.

From my perspective, I think it was a mistake to hold up the revised agency disclosure in Massachusetts for reasons Tom Wemett, Ronn Huth and others flagged over the past several years.  Still the release of the report provides an opportunity to raise awareness about agency issues as we have in the past.  

Maybe even an update to the field testing that revealed zero compliance 21+ years ago:

In a 1997 Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs survey in which examiners posed as homebuyers, none received an agency disclosure form from any of the largest 45 real estate firms in the state.  June Fletcher, “New Rules: What Agents Won’t Tell You,” Wall Street Journal (march 13, 1993), B12.

I'll post my email to Steve after others have an opportunity to share their perspective. 
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  has NAEBA responded,
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what about MABA?

See CFA report & press release attached.
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