Week 10: Article Summary Challenge

Katie Schuler
Katie Schuler

Materials from today's class:

In-class activity:  Article Summary Challenge!!

NOTE: Participation in today's class is part of your article summary grade.
This activity will take approximately 60 minutes

  • Today we'll do a fun activity to gain a better understanding of what makes a good article summary!
  • You'll get into 4 breakout rooms, which indicates which "games" you will decide the winner of:
    • Room 1 = DENVER
    • Room 2 = MINNEAPOLIS
    • Room 3 = MEMPHIS
    • Room 4 = BROOKLYN
  • Each round of the tournament, you'll determine the winner of the games assigned to your room. For each game, do the following:
    1. Read the two article summaries
      • You can leave helpful comments for your peers on the google docs if you want to!
    2. Come to a consensus with your breakout room about which of the two should "win" (is the better summary of the article). 
    3. Use the google form (linked below) to post the winner of each game, and justify your choice. Give 2-5 reasons why you are choosing the winner (and why you aren't choosing the other article). 
  1. Sweet 16 - Use this form to indicate the winner of each game
  2. Elite 8 - Elite 8 form!
  3. Final 4 - Final 4 form!
  4. National Championship! - National Championship form (vote on games 1 and 2!)

Missed live class today?

  • We will contact you to provide a make-up assignment.