Infectious Marketing: Instagram and Auto Posting

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In this webinar, Heidi and I will share tips for posting on Instagram as well as ideas to automate your social media.

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How do I get more followers?
How will people find my page?
I don’t know what to post

Instagram for Business
  • More than 25 million companies worldwide are already using Instagram for business, and more than 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day.. According to Hootsuite
  • Make sure your account is a business account, not a personal account.
  • Have a strategy – who is your audience – this will define your posts.
  • What are your competitors doing? Do you want to align or be different?
  • Look at who is following your competitors – could they be your audience?
  • Set yourself goals – Not just Likes or Followers, check the Insights for metrics like web clicks, shares etc
First things first?
  • Set your profile description up so people know exactly what you do.
  • Give your page name a clear identity inc location if that’s important
  • Use some Hashtags for keywords and search terms in your profile that you want to be found for eg #riverside #camping #staycation2020
  • Make sure your website is in your profile – it’s the only place a live link can be made
  • Make the description professional but not stiff – you want people to think ‘this sounds like my kinda place’.
  • Make your profile image identify you relevantly
  • Get your page found

How do you want your feed to look?
Styling it will take time but could be worth it
But it’s not essential

What to post
What does your audience want to see? And what represents your business and brand

What do you want to be known for? E.g.
  • Accommodation: stunning/engaging property shots – crop in, take detail, views, location, different times of day, set the scene.
  • Food: delicious dishes, menu details, restaurant shots, styled raw ingredients
  • Drink: Slow motion video pouring a drink, styled settings ... (make sure your glasses are clean!)

Don’t 'sell' ...CHAT
Have a conversation with your reader.
Think ‘lifestyle’ not ‘commercial’

Instagram is about pictures and stories; pictures that tell stories, stories people relate to.
Make people FEEL something...

Get your posts seen
  • Instagram likes regular posters and will prioritise them.
  • But don’t saturate the market, followers will switch off.
  • Plan ahead, keep it up, stay infront of people You’ll become better and you’ll enjoy it, and your followers will grow.
  • Refine your timing
  • Posting at certain times of the day and week will gain more views for certain sectors.
  • Monitor your Insights and they will guide you

Good quality pictures
  • They don’t have to be magazine ready, but make sure
  • they’re the best they can be. Use an app if you need to.

It’s all about the #Hashtag
Hashtags are signposts for topics, trends and interests. Keep them relevant to your subject but be creative for wider capture.
Eg for Accommodation shots also think Interior Design tags, Architecture, History, Art

Instagram stories & highlights
  • Appear outside of your regular feed. So different people tend to see them
  • Only last for 24 hours. Can show a different side of your business that doesn’t sit with your feed
  • Are discoverable. Lots of graphics, and tagging methods, CTAs etc

A fixture of your story at the top of your profile People can lick onto it and see it any time

Follow other business pages and 
 engage with their posts and followers
It’s not all about what you post – it’s ‘social media’, so be sociable.

  • Say something generous about their post (aren’t you lovely for doing that)
  • Their followers will see your business name and might follow you (because you are a nice company, you like the posts they like)
  • DON’T comment with something salesy that looks like you’re hijacking their post, like ‘follow us too – if you like this page you’ll love ours’!!!!
  • Find relevant influencers in your sector and comment on their posts – they could become an advocate for YOU

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1. Understand Customers
2. Engage with Customers*
3. Convert Customers

*Focus area for this presentation

Delegate to the robots
Tools to streamline content sharing

Put yourself on autopilot
  • Set a goal - What do you want to achieve? Who is it for? Focus on a core idea e.g. Behind the scenes,
  • Plan what you can. Serendipity will handle the rest
  • Post regularly. Be consistent. Use a spreadsheet
  • It's free

Use Buffer to schedule posts
  • Fill up the buffer when you have the time
  • Send updates when audience is most active
  • Can attach video/images
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest (paid)

Revive old Blog posts

IF This, Then That (IFTTT)
  • Connects online applications together
  • Use to automate daily social media tasks
  • Super simple to use
  • Post new blog articles to Twitter
  • Collect Tweets with into a spreadsheet
  • Download workshop Instas
  • Re-share your Instagrams on Twitter

Use Zapier for total auto-domination
  • Also connects online applications together
  • A little complicated but super powerful
  • Lots of steps and filters
  • Connects to lots of services

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