Shanghai Exchange (2017-18): Year 5 - Fractions

Martin Tillbrook
Martin Tillbrook
As part of the Teaching for Mastery Programme, previous cohorts of Primary Mastery Specialists have been to work alongside mathematics teachers in Shanghai to share and develop pedagogy.  Each year, the teachers from Shanghai returned to England to deliver a sequence of learning to children in a host school that were open to participants involved in our Work Groups. The lesson PPTs and activities for each sequence of learning are shared below alongside the recording of the final lesson of each sequence on our website.

Year 5 – Fractions

Lesson 1
1. Whole and Part.ppt 2.4 MB Download

Lesson 2
2. (Fraction2) Unit Fraction(not discrete models).ppt 4.2 MB Download

Lesson 3
3. Unit fractions.ppt 1.28 MB Download

Lesson 4
4. non unit fractions.ppt 2.57 MB Download

Lesson 5
5. addition and subtraction fractions.ppt 2.47 MB Download

Lesson 6
6. comparing fractions with same numerator.ppt 2.83 MB Download

Lesson 7
7. compare fractions with same denominator.ppt 1.3 MB Download