Stop selling time for money - earn more, work fewer hours for better clients

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"Stop Selling Time for Money" is for web developers, who build bespoke web sites and web applications in a freelance capacity or as part of a small agency.  They have clients and generally enjoy the work but it's time consuming and they are often frustrated dealing with frequent client change requests and the long drawn out process of winning new projects.  

They are ready to step out from under the thumb of inconsiderate, demanding and rude clients and redefine their business as a specialist consultancy; the go-to expert in their field.  

They may have released a product before, investing a lot of time and effort into learning new tools (such as React Native), and building an app that attracted one or two customers before dying a silent death.  

However, they know that this focus on specialisation allows them to concentrate on quick and efficient delivery, whilst making it easier to attract high quality high paying clients. This is the correct approach for them to take.  

They love the idea of being able to spend their time doing things the right way, with beautiful design and elegant code - and they're ready to take a stand, to reject the deadbeat clients and to position themselves as the experts in their field. 

Who's a good fit to work with me?

You could be a good fit to work with me if: 
  • you're tired of never being able to plan your days because a client drops a last-minute urgent change request on you
  • you find your clients very demanding, often micro-managing how the work proceeds
  • you're never quite sure where your next client is going to come from
  • you worry about competition and being undercut on price by the likes of Fiverr and Upwork
  • the business doesn't look like your dream when you started it - instead of great design and efficient code, you take orders from people who know nothing about how things should be done
If you're 100% ready to stop being pushed around by clients who don't understand what you do, you will find this programme is perfect for you.

You know that the natural next step for you right now is to make a significant investment in your business to work with someone who understands how to implement the expert consultancy approach into a web development agency. 

The right person for this programme will work fewer hours per week, see a reduction in emergency calls and fire-fighting and see a boost to their income. All whilst escaping the constant hustle of selling time for money.

They are ready to find the joy in their business again. 

Martin Day said “The almost altruistic way you help people turn their businesses back into the joy they went into business for, rather than the chore they endure on a daily, weekly, monthly basis I find quite remarkable … I now feel confident I will be able to claim my life back, enjoy my family and not resent the beast I have build up … with your help I will finally become a business owner and no longer the least respected employee

Here's how it works

We have a number of meetings, over Zoom (3 hours for the first, 1 hour for subsequent calls) where we work through your assignments.  
This isn't a static video course, so the exact details will vary according to your needs.  But the general process is as follows: 

  1. Examine your past projects, defining your audience and designing the parameters for your business
  2. Perform structured market research, whilst also starting a process of trust-building with your potential customers (which takes around 15 minutes per day)
  3. Design your sleaze-free sales process to make attracting new clients easy
  4. Design your rapid delivery process to make delighting those clients easy and efficient

During our sessions I will not only give you the exercises to perform, but I will also keep you on track, so you make maximum progress in the shortest amount of time. 

We will  manage the entire process through Basecamp, so you can message me at any time (although I only respond during work hours - this whole exercise is about looking after your precious time, so I have to practice what I preach).

Nathan Thomas said “I’d like to give a shoutout to Baz for taking the time to help me plan and organise a strategy ... He’s definitely the man with the plan … how to make more profit and become a more effective business

If you're interested in working with me the investment is £2500.  This is for one-to-one mentoring, where I guide you through the exercises, then I hold you accountable so you make the changes you need, over the course of 12 weeks. 

Or you can choose a 3 hour consultancy call for £600.  This gives you three hours of my undivided attention so we can work together to raise your prices and redefine your relationship with your clients. 

Finally, don't forget All Work, No Pay - a podcast and mailing list answering questions that consultants, freelancers and business owners have asked.

(Prices exclude UK VAT if you're in the UK or EU)

To find out more, use this link to have a quick, friendly chat.