API endpoints

Nathan Skwortsow
Nathan Skwortsow
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There are 2 ways to authenticate with the Physitrack API.

Practitioners inside PT Direct accounts

  1. The practitioner must belong to a PT Direct account that has API access enabled.
  2. Each practitioner uses their own API key, sent as a X-Api-Key header with each http request.
Practitioners without PT Direct accounts

  1. The practitioner must have an active integration with a patient management system (this can be set from My account > Settings)
  2. Each http request must include:
    X-Api-Key this key visible from the My account > Settings page inside Physitrack
    X-Api-PMS-Name the name of the patient management system that the practitioner is integrated with lowercase and words separated by underscores, e.g. cliniko
    X-Api-PMS-Key the key that has been generated by the patient management system, and which has been entered into My account > Settings.
Note that all keys and values are case sensitive.

PT Direct accounts & API keys

  • Physitrack generates an API key for each practitioner that belongs to a PT Direct account with API access enabled.
  • This API key is visible inside PT Direct. Go to the Practitioners page and click on a practitioner to see their API key.


Physitrack's API endpoints are described https://staging.physitrack.com/api/v2/apidocs

For more information on enabling API access, please email your Physitrack account representative orĀ  sales@physitrack.com.