Zoom Chat: "Owning an Electric Vehicle" - May 9, 2021

Scott Henson
Scott Henson
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Learn more about Bluedot Motorworks' Retrofit Hybrid System (RHS) here: https://bluedotmotorworks.com

Additional Resources from the Discussion:

Questions from the Discussion:
  • Many People: When will the Bluedot Motorworks retrofit solution (to turn a internal combustion vehicle into a hybrid) be available and how much will it cost?  Answer:  Hopefully in the next couple of years and about $6k.
  • Many People:  What happens with the batteries?  Answer:  It's a big problem we have to address and talked about extensively in the resources pointed to above.
  • Sueellen: Has there been an analysis of public transportation relative to owning an electric car in terms of it's overall impact to the climate and environment?  Answer: It depends on location, power sources, etc. (although there is a great article discussing this from multiple perspectives on CleanTechnical here)
  • Scott Henson: What do people experience on their taxes for EVs?  This was a small surprise to use this year.
  • Scott Henson: Does the Bluedot RHS system work for FWD and RWD?  Answer:  Yes, but it also depends on how well your car does being pushed around in neutral. 

Chat Log:
00:19:23 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Even if you don’t care about climate change, they are super low maintenance and LOTS OF FUN to drive!
00:21:18 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): What do people experience on their taxes for EVs?  This was a small surprise to use this year.
00:21:52 Chris & Kelly: yes, even higher than last year!
00:23:32 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Spark pugs is kinda funny! :)
00:23:34 Chris & Kelly: no catalytic converter for people to steal
00:25:03 Tom: Typical ICE efficiency in actual use is less than 25%
00:25:59 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Our 2019 Leaf with the larger range (220+) was listed at $39k (before all the trade ins and incentives).
00:27:27 Chris & Kelly: We have a 2013 Leaf, gets 80 miles, but paid $11k used
00:28:05 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Used Leafs and Bolts are a great deal (we are looking now).  About $10-$15k depending on model/range and year (looking at last 3 years).
00:29:19 Tom: Older Leafs use a somewhat oddball charger that is essentially being phased out
00:29:36 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Are they not CHADEMO?
00:29:52 Chris & Kelly: ..and J1772
00:30:12 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): right…J1772 is EVERYWHERE
00:30:35 Tom: What is needed to use a J1772 with an older leaf?
00:30:58 Chris & Kelly: for '13, nothing
00:32:39 Tom: Good to know...I thought they were CHADEMO only for longer than that
00:44:26 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): I LOVE one pedal driving!!
00:50:30 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Has anyone on this call actually gone through the experience of running out of charge while driving?
00:51:05 Chris & Kelly: very close, but not us
00:51:16 Paul Litwin: Not us
00:51:22 Kathy Dawson: yes (she says with embarrassment)
00:51:43 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Perfect, thank you for owning it Kathy!  At the end, you have to tell us what you went through…
00:51:45 Archit: Does WA state have good EV charging coverage to be able to drive to Leavenworth, for example?
00:51:54 Jae Geller: My daughter in law ran out at SeaTac in the winter when she drove the Leaf about 6 years ago and had to spend some time at lot near SeaTac while recharging
00:52:07 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): @Archit - try www.plugshare.com - it will give you a good idea.
00:52:24 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): It’s a map of available chargers
00:52:26 Paul Litwin: @Archit Teslas have great coverage going to Spokane. Not sure of other networks
00:52:26 Archit: Thank you!
00:52:28 Jae Geller: I think AAA has a charging booster option now
00:52:32 Chris & Kelly: huge tesla charge station in Leavenworth
00:52:47 Archit: 👌
00:54:29 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): That is a BUMMER on the battery upgrade…
00:54:51 Kathy Dawson: AAA doesn’t have trucks with high voltage chargers anymore
00:56:28 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): 110, 120 - Whatever it takes Paul! :)
01:03:59 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): I hear a common theme - everyone seems to LOVE their model of EV….
01:04:47 Jae Geller: Yes, Scott! My daughter-in-law and son love their Tesla and we love our Bolt!
01:05:24 Jae Geller: What is the name of the company?
01:05:40 Paul Litwin: BlueDot
01:05:46 Jae Geller: Awesome!
01:05:56 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): https://bluedotmotorworks.com
01:06:52 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Time is definitely NOT on our side to get to full electrification!
01:07:51 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): I wonder if we will have enough Lithium and Cobalt for all of these batteries….?
01:10:54 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Does this work for FWD and RWD?
01:11:11 Archit: this is very exciting!
01:11:19 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Yes, thank you Tom!
01:11:41 Archit: When does your retrofitting solution become available, Tom?
01:11:59 Tom: We're probably about 2 years out :(
01:12:32 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Good awareness building on the solution.  Thank you for sharing with us Tom.  We will help build awareness with the larger community…
01:12:43 Archit: I was thinking of whether there exists a retrofitting solution, and it's great that your startup is working on it!
01:12:56 Tom: Thanks everyone!
01:13:14 Chris & Kelly: Do people know how to read error codes from their car using your smartphone?
01:13:46 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): There is another company on Bainbridge that has a much more extensive retrofitting called EV-Works here: https://www.ev-works.com
01:25:07 Archit: Interesting, thank you for sharing
01:28:24 Chris & Kelly: I've got a diagnostic thing to share..
01:29:42 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): +1 on what Suellen is saying.  We got rid of cars when living in London and it was a game changer for cost, stress, and mobility (because we did not have to worry about parking)
01:32:35 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Here is another resource on this topic as well from How to Save a Planet (Are Electric Cars Really Better for the Climate?): https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/how-to-save-a-planet/id1525955817?i=1000498394610
01:33:42 Jae Geller: Any word on covered electric bikes or small electric vehicles for around town but that are covered for use in bad weather?
01:35:51 Chris & Kelly: How have folks picked tires for their EVs?  low-rolling resistance? light weight?
01:36:27 Kurt Hanish (he/his/him): YouTube video on battery recycling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLr0GStrnwQ
01:37:08 Jae Geller: That is cool to hear, Suellen!
01:37:42 James Little: https://www.ucsusa.org/resources/ev-battery-recycling
01:37:54 Jae Geller: Thank you Suellen!
01:38:27 Chris & Kelly: HFC laws?
01:39:14 James Little: https://www.wired.com/story/the-race-to-crack-battery-recycling-before-its-too-late/
01:40:21 James Little: https://www.treehugger.com/electric-cars-battery-recycling-demand-reduction-5183807?utm_campaign=treehugger&utm_medium=email&utm_source=cn_nl&utm_content=23754891&utm_term=
01:40:43 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): How about this one Jae?
01:40:44 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/aptera-solar-electric-car-receives-7000-reservations/
01:42:38 Scott Henson (Drawdown Seattle): Thank you everyone!
01:43:46 James Little: thanks Paul