Enabling SSO for practitioners

Nathan Skwortsow
Nathan Skwortsow
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Single sign on (SSO) needs to be manually enabled for each practitioner who wishes to use it.

This can be done in two ways:

Option 1

The practitioner does this themselves from the My account > Settings page

  • Login to the practitioner's account
  • go to My account > Settings
  • paste in the API token that you will sending along with the SSO request
  • Press Save changes
This can be a key/token that you generated, or can be the the API key that Physitrack generated for the practitioner, in the case that we expose API keys to practitioners directly.

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Option 2

The PT Direct admin sets the API key (if the practitioner belongs to a PT Direct account)

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  • Login as a PT Direct admin, 
  • Go to the Practitioners page and 
  • Click on the practitioner for who you wish to set the SSO key. 
  • Paste in your key 
  • Press Save.