Goal 1: CBA Policy Advocacy - TCBN recommendations influence CBA Policy strategy at all levels of government.

Housing Now - Ensure Community Benefits Agreements for large Housing Now projects
TCHC - Liaise with TCBN members, community partners and TCHC to develop community benefits opportunities for capital repairs projects
Metrolinx - Work with TCBN members, community partners and Metrolinx to ensure community benefits with hard targets on new transit projects
Liaise with Programs team to develop a Social Procurement event with TCHC
Support and inform CreateTO community benefits process
Advocate for TCHC CBA policy across all revitalization projects
City Policy - Implement Campaign for City of Toronto Community Benefits Framework

Goal 2: Local community benefits organizing on track to achieving grassroots informed CBAs.

Regent Park - Support the RPNA Regent Park Community Benefits Coalition to negotiate and sign a Community Benefits Agreement with Toronto Community Housing (TCH) and Phase 4 + 5 Development Partner Tridel
Scarborough - Support ongoing organizing efforts with Scarborough Community Benefits Advocacy Committee members
Weston/Mt. Dennis - Support ongoing community benefits organizing efforts working closely with community partners, grassroots groups and residents associations
Golden Mile - Support the Golden Mile CB Steering Committee to support the final CBF and work with residents/community stakeholders to engage with Developers with upcoming projects
Waterfront TO - Work with community partners to ensure a CBA for the Quayside development project
Implement outreach strategy to maximize survey’s reach, and engage diverse communities within Scarborough.
Working with Scarborough Coalition Co-Chair to support in building capacity of advocacy committee through creation and distribution of Community Benefits Survey
Facilitate conversation to establish plan and framework for 2022 through consultation with the SCBAC.
Lawrence Heights - Support the formation of a resident-led organizing coalition to ensure residents voice at the decision making table with Toronto
Downsview - Develop community benefits campaign strategy for Downsview federal project
Downsview Research - Downsview Park/Lands Resource Sheet
Resource Sheet - Mimico Lakeshore Go Station
Support implementing recommendations of Survey into the work of the SCBC and Advocacy committee.
Support in Developing deputation with Yan Chen from Scarborough Community Benefits Advocacy Committee to City

Goal 3: Lead in community benefits research and knowledge development and exchange.

Planning - Monthly Community Exchange Meetings
Research - Work with Fausto to develop York research partnership
Campaigns and Policy Group
Staffing - Hire PT Policy Researcher
Grant - Work to develop a grant proposal for CRRF
TO Foundation Grant
City Toronto Community Benefits report summary
Community Benefits - North America Jurisdictional Scan