FoundX interview evaluation rubric


About Rubric / ルーブリックについて

Interviewers evaluate teams based on the rubric.

各回答には Yes/No/Unknown で回答し、Yes の場合は特定の点数が加えられます。各項目は重みづけをしています。
Interviewers answer Yes or No or Unknown. If yes, the interviewee gets some points. We weight items.

すべてに Yes を獲得する必要はありません。
You don't need to get all "yes," 

The rubric will be updated.

Team / Cultural fit チーム・カルチャーフィット

  • The team has strong commitment right now
  • The team has a founder/market fit (expertise to the market, etc)
  • The team can contribute to other FoundX teams
  • The team would fit FoundX Culture
  • The team seems to have the determination
  • The team seems to have flexibility
  • The team needs FoundX supports and services
  • The team is responsive and able to communicate well
  • The team has strong commitment right now

Idea / アイデア

  • The problem is impactful if resolved and worth pursuing further
  • The solution is unique and scalable and should be pursued further
  • The market has potential to grow huge
  • The team has a promising business/monetization model

Commitment / コミットメント

  • The team meets the FoundX program participation requirements
  • The team meets the FoundX facility usage requirements
  • Participating team members are sufficiently committed to the project