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Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
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Primo Central: Holdings File, Documentation, etc.

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Hello All,

It was nice speaking with you earlier!

Documentation/Other Links:https://knowledge.exlibrisgroup.com/Primo/Content_Corner/Product_Documentation/Primo_Central_Indexing

The above includes the current collection list, the alternative coverage list, as well as the resource types used in Primo Central records (helpful when you are creating local resource types).


The above discusses the View Online, Get It and How to get it sections.


How to see your institutional holdings file:
This will allow you to view your holdings file.  Opening it directly in a browser will crash the browser.
1)      Using Notepad ++ or another text editor, open inst_holdings_file.html (renamed as .txt so it can be posted to Basecamp - remove the .txt before editing/using file)
2)      Replace https://your-institution.alma.exlibrisgroup.com/rep/getFile?institution_code=YOUR-INSTITUTION-CODE&file=institutional_holding with your holdings file URL.  This can be found in the Primo Central Registration Wizard > My Client Applications > Primo [XXXXX] > Institutional holdings file URL
3)      Save file
4)      Double click file to open it in a browser.  You’ll see just a link titled Institutional holdings file
5)      Right click on link and select Save link as… to save your holdings file to your desktop
6)      Name holdings file as desired and save to desired location
7)      Using Notepad ++ or another text editor, open holdings file.  NOTE: this may take some time!
SLC FAQs on Primo Central:

This will allow you to view the record ID, including an abbreviated collection name, from the brief results to quickly identify if you are looking at an Alma record or a Primo Central (or EBSCO or WorldCat) record.

Nancy gathered the show record ID bookmarklet as well as other bookmarklets we've discussed in one helpful thread:
Re: 📢 Helpful bookmarklets for Primo VE trouble-shooting - 01SUNY State University System of New York

If you don't have the bookmarklet, you can simply look at the full display and the Source field will show you if the record is from Alma (Library Catalog) or from a Primo Central collection.

Remember that most labels in Primo can be changed.  For example, if you want to change "Expand My Results" or change "No Online Access"/"Check for available services" (the former being displayed from the holdings file in the brief display and the latter being displayed from the Alma link resolver in the full display) to match, these can be done under Discovery > Labels.  The documentation is here: https://knowledge.exlibrisgroup.com/Primo/Product_Documentation/020Primo_VE/025Display_Configuration/030Configuring_Display_Labels_for_Primo_VE

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Take care,
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