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Cheryl Talley
Cheryl Talley
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  • Phenomenological Variant of the Ecological Systems Theory (PVEST) is used by the STEM-US Center as a psychological theory
  • Spencer, M., Harpalani, V., Cassidy, E., Jacobs, C. Y., Donde, S., Goss, T. N., ... & Wilson, S. (2006). Understanding vulnerability and resilience from a normative developmental perspective: Implications for racially and ethnically diverse youth. Developmental Psychopathology, Second Edition, 627-672.

  • PVEST includes sociological context and biological characteristics as factors influencing behaviors
  • PVEST is used as a theoretical framework to explain, describe and predict psychological phenomena involving marginalized groups that considers race and class as sources of resilience.
  • PVEST was developed using African American children as the normative group.

WHAT IS PVESTualization
  • PVESTualization is a term used by Dr. Margaret Spencer in a PVEST training delivered in May 2020 to the STEM-US Center
  • PVESTualization is used by the STEM-US Center’s Analytic Hub to describe research that is 1) based on; 2) informed by or 3) revised using PVEST