Hyku Commons patch notes

Nic Don Stanton-Roark
Nic Don Stanton-Roark
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3/19/2024 Standard Deploy
  • Add Hyku version number and license footer to Hyku Commons homepage
  • Bugfix: Banner images affecting other tenants #948 - When the crop.js tool was added to the banner image upload, a folder was created where cropped images were saved with the same filename. Any user adding a cropped banner image would have their banner image overridden by the next user to do so. This patches that behavior.
  • Add bulkrax support for Administrative Notes field #990 - Administrative notes can now be added through the importer.
  • Add Favicon to Hyku Commons homepage #829
  • Bugfix: 500 error when adding work with Location field to collection #892
  • Bugfix: Scholarly Show page doesn't display Description field #958 - Patched scholarly show page theme to not suppress description field when pdf.js is in use
  • Set up Location name field #964 - (Re)adds support for location field through GeoNames service (link account in Settings --> Account)
  • Bugfix: Issue with adding older collections as subcollections #783
  • Bugfix: Resource type requirement breaking bulkrax imports on collections and ETDs #436 
10/19/23 Standard Deploy
  • Mediated Deposit Review Workflow Improvement (443) - Starting from the review submissions, click on a work. If you select a review action, it will redirect you back to review submissions. If you click on a work directly (without going to review submissions first), it will not redirect you to that page.
  • Add ability to sort works and collections on dashboard (748) - Works on the dashboard can now be sorted by date uploaded (default) date modified, date created, depositor (a-z), and creator (a-z)
  • Bug fix: User with only depositor role cannot deposit into admin set (864)
  • Improve file manager and PDF.js interaction (839) 
  • Improvements to IR Theme (842, 277) - Correct issue where browser back button expanded list of resource icons; make resource icons link to searches for that resource type
  • Refine account settings page to limit options for non-super admins (841)
  • Add image caching for faster page loads (755)
  • Remove front-end analytics button (838)
  • Enhance banner image customization (746) - Enable user to crop image upon initial upload and also subsequent to upload
  • add link back to parent work from child (840)
9/21/23 Standard Deploy
  • Sort subcollections A-Z on collection pages #744
  • Add javascript based PDF viewer (125) - Added pdf.js, set pdf.js as default with a feature flipper to enable UV option
  • Add institutional visibility in importer #747
  • Remove date modified options from sort by list #745
  • By default sort collection works by A-Z on collection page rather than relevance #800
  • Ability to control menu button color through appearance settings #742
  • Improvements to Advanced Search (738, 739, 740) Reorder fields to show priority fields first (title, creator, date created, keyword), display only priority fields - use "show additional" button to show the remaining fields, use dropdown menus for controlled vocab
  • OAI feed: Add repository name (tenant) data in feed #737
  • OAI feed: Add unique id in feed #736
  • OAI Feed: Human readable repository name format #810
  • Update work type labels #268 (hotfix)
  • Full text search capability for text, including OCR text—when searching within Hyku, search results should include the text of embedded pdfs #772
8/15/23 Hotfix Deploy
  • Allow tenant configuration to ignore showing PDFs in universal viewer #659 Put the UV PDF viewer behind a feature flipper
8/10/23 Standard Deploy
  • Add Counter compliant metrics #586 (616, 588, 699, 694, 678, 648, 594, 595, 626)
  • Set up Shibboleth SAML Authentication #584
  • Hyku Version upgrade (456) - This brings in PDF display in the UV and a/v play in the UV
6/23/23 Standard Deploy
  • Date Created field enhancement (519, 521) - Date created field accepts both free text and formatted (yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy-mm, and yyyy) dates. Formatted dates can be sorted in search results and lists. Formatted dates can be isolated as a range in facets in search. Unformatted dates will be ignored in both of these functions. Works can display both formatted and unformatted date created fields simultaneously, but Advanced Search, sort by, and facet will only draw from the first field (if formatted). 
6/16/23 Standard Deploy
  • Improved Text Editing Fields (205) - Adds text editing options for content blocks and pages
  • Improve Citation Button Label (533) and Information (534) - Citation button re-labeled from "Citations:" to "Citation," and citations updated to most current version of relevant style guide
  • Move Analytics Button on work display page (532) -  Analytics button relocated from top of page to next to citation button
  • Improve Search Results Clarity when Continuing Searches (522) - "Start Over" button relabeled "New Search" and made more prominent
  • Home Page- Update the 2019 Samvera copyright date to say 2019-[current year] (531)
  • Search Results Page - Make the X to remove a filter Red by default instead of white (526)
  • Display set collection image in search results rather than repository default collection image (520)
  • Improve Collection Public Display Page (518, 523, 528, 529) - Collection name default color changed from white to black and made configurable from Appearance -> Colors page, collection thumbnail reduced in size, collection metadata moved from column to full page width, reduce white space, search within collection bar moved to top of page
  • Make Consortia icons on Hyku Commons homepage link to consortial websites (376)
  • Search Results Page - Correct Justification on Facet Listing (525)
6/8/23 Standard Deploy
  • Bug fix - file level analytics report no longer throws 500 error (410)
  • Bug fix - Depositor column corrected to show depositor rather than creator (444) - In some tenants Review Submissions table is not populating, currently investigating  
  • Merge "Custom mediated deposit" and "one-step mediated deposit" in tenants where both appear as options (448)
  • Implement individuated Google Analytics capability for individual tenants (408, 409) - Additional setup needed, current download and file view numbers are not tenant-specific
5/26/23 Standard Deploy
  • Improve labels for color settings (449)
  • Add feature flipper to remove workflow roles section on dashboard (447)
5/19/23 Standard Deploy
  • Analytics - address issue with user graph disappearing after new users are added to tenant (411)
  • Analytics - Bugfix for analytics button for individual files (410)
  • Add feature flipper to turn off Workflow Roles Section on dashboard (447)
  • Enhanced descriptions for color settings (449)
4/7/2023 Standard Deploy
  • Add Rich Text support to some metadata fields (402) Adds markdown support for italics, bold, line breaks and hyperlinks to select metadata fields ("large fields" + title, creator, and keyword)
  • Bugfix for adding existing works beyond display page 1 to collections (430)
3/31/2023 Standard Deploy
3/10/2023 Standard Deploy
  • Multiple entries in metadata fields should be ordered and maintain order (401) Previously, fields with multiple entries would randomly reorder upon saving. Now the display of multiple entries on the public field will always match the order of input from the edit screen. 
  • Create a non-public field for admin notes (405) Adds a new field called Administrative Note for free-text entry. Field will only be visible on the public display page for those who are logged in and have edit access to that work. 
  • Make Resource Type a required field (404) Resource type is a metadata field with multiple drop-down options. This change makes that field a required field going forward. Previous works are unaffected, but a resource type will have to be selected if those works are edited in the future. 
  • Allow for users to upload works with no files attached in the standard form (406)
2/17/2023 Standard Deploy
  • Pushing Hyku fixes into Hyku Commons (382) Fixes a post-upgrade issue with works in mediated-deposit environments being visible while pending and inconsistently appearing in the Under Review dashboard tab
1/12/2023 Standard Deploy
  • Enable Google Analytics (339) Enables Google Analytics dashboard and Works and Collections reports from the tenant dashboard. Also enables Analytics button on individual works and files for both staff and public users. Analytics for files currently returns an error, being investigated. 
  • Fixed issue with new user invitation emails not being sent (359)
  • Fixed issue with keywords not displaying in public view post-upgrade (335)
1/5/2023 Standard Deploy
  • Collection Level Searching (288) Add full functionality to searching at the collection level. Previously, the search bar at the collection level only searched titles of included works. Now, the search bar functions as a full solr query of all items and subcollections in the collection, searching metadata and in-pdf text.
  • Add option for favicon (149) Adds option the Appearance section to upload a favicon image, custom to the individual tenant. This image will appear in the browser tab.
  • Bug fix: some tenants could not attach works to collections (336)
  • Bug fix: user permission issue in some tenants (357, 358) 
  • Domain redirect for one tenant addressed post-upgrade (350)
12/8/2022 Standard Deploy 
  • Fix issue with approval ribbon visibility in neutral theme (337) Post-upgrade, neutral theme settings overrode contrast color in the mediated deposit approval ribbon. Hotfix to correct.
  • Fix issue with large repositories throwing to error on Review Submissions tab (334)
  • Fix issue with batch editing throwing to error (185) Re-enables batch editing of works from work dashboard. This allows works to be changed in bulk, so long as the user desires identical changes across selected works (includes visibility level)
  • Style 500 Error Page (173) Updates the generic in-app error message with a web designed page that includes contact information. See example here
  • Add spam filter for contact form (279)
  • Add/correct work sharing tab (283) Corrects a bug for the newly added sharing featured in the work upload/edit tab, allows for individual users and groups to be added as either viewers or editors of specific works
  • Update work type labels (268) Removes labels from Generic worktype, and corrects display of OER and ETD capitalization for those worktypes
  • Fix issue with editing works in Hanover tenant (323)
11/28/2022 Standard Deploy + Upgrade
  • System upgraded from 2.1 to 4.1.0! See post here
  • Homepage redesign (284, 291, 292)
  • Fix Triple Thumbnail Render Error (266) As of implementation, works uploaded will render thumbnail correctly. A script is being run one tenant at a time to revert previously misrendered thumbnails. Users may need to purge their browser cache subsequent to the script being run to see the current thumbnail version. 
9/23/2022 Standard Deploy
  • Sentry.io ENV Variable update (578) Set up new sentry.io platform for exception handling, should improve maintenance responses
  • Add libreoffice to Dockerfile (563) Fixes an issue with users adding .docx files with derivatives. These files now produce thumbnails and pass fixity checks as intended. 
7/8/2022 Standard Deploy
  • Bug fix: Server Errors on Manual Upload (491) Addressed an issue with AWS nodes and internal infrastructure causing cascading outages with file uploads
  • Bug fix: Export Thumbnails (488) Re-enabled export of thumbnails in csv export
  • Bug fix: Collections not populating in some instances on IR theme homepage (490)
  • Bulkrax: Import Zip with multiple bags with bagit parser (483) Enables user to import a zip file with multiple bags and single csv for metadata applying to all bagged items.
  • Bulkrax: Ability to export collection metadata (477) Enable users to export a csv that contains each collection and its metadata. No works or files included, this export mainly intended to accompany bagit export for two-step migration. 
  • Bulkrax/Bagit: Ability to export fileset metadata (478) Enables user to export filesets (separate from works) and their metadata in a bagit export. 
  • Bagit: enable bagit for exporter (474)
6/9/2022 Standard Deploy
  • Bug Fix: Search not applying to PDF content (431) Fixes an issue where the transcripted text of pdfs was not being included in search results. (Still under review, awaiting reindexing.)
6/2/2022 Standard Deploy
  • Exporter shows complete while still processing (468) Fixed an issue where the exporter dashboard prompted users to download file while exporter was still in process.
  • Bug: Exporter includes extra files (457) Fixed an issue where exporter would include CSV manifests of previous export jobs along with the current job.
  • Bagit: enable bagit parser for importer (473)
  • Importer: Dashboard inaccurately showing pending works (471)
6/1/2022 Hotfix 
  • Bug: Export an importer (481) Bug fix
5/12/2022 Standard Deploy
  • Bug: ActiveFedora::ObjectNotFoundError (add collection to collection) (461) Bug fix
  • Editor User Permissions not working in some production tenants (467) Bug fix
  • Bagit Round Trip (476) Enables export of contents in Bagit format and reingestion of same

4/28/2022 Standard Deploy
  • Add ability to use ID in parents column (bulkrax) (458) Change to the importer to allow a user to attach a work to a collection that already exists, by referencing the existing collection's Hyku ID in the parents column
  • Add generated fields to export (442) Metadata fields generated by Hyku and populated only in the backend (last modified, created, etc) are an option to export. Currently these fields cannot be roundtripped. 
  • Add hint text to export enhancements (459) Hint text added to new export features (export thumbnails and export generated fields)
4/22/2022 Standard Deploy
  • Export of thumbnails (440) Enables users to export item thumbnails as separate files in an export job by selecting the "export thumbnails" option 
4/15/2022 Standard Deploy
  • Bulkrax upgrade (436) Upgrade Bulkrax to v.3.0.0. This brings in a number of changes that will be reflected in user documentation and future trainings, the most significant of which is the ability to nest works and filesets within collections and parent works and to add metadata-only records without a corresponding file upload. 
  • Bulkrax Exporter: Export of work, items and collections (439) Enables export of files+metadata or metadata alone. Should still be regarded as experimental while bugs are worked out, but will announce more about this as it comes together.
  • Bug: Inaccurate and random data is produced on the importer dashboard (437) Entries Processed, Entries Failed, and Total Work Entries figures in the importer dashboard produced inaccurate totals. Bulkrax updated to correct error, numbers now accurate.
  • Bug: “Item has not yet been imported successfully." (438)  The importer item record for an imported work displayed the text "item has been yet been imported successfully" on imported works. Item record now provides a link to the work page. 

4/7/2022 Standard Deploy
  • Contact Form Results in Error Message (415, 435) Continued application of ticket 415 to additional themes, contact form is fully functional and error-free in all themes.
  • Add to collection hover text is inaccurate (377) The hover text for Add to Collection button in the collection view screen indicated the opposite of the effect of the button. Text now corrected. 

3/29/2022 Hotfix

  • Files not processing in uploaded works (443) Files in some tenants were not processing. Hotfix applied to fedora corrected issue. 

3/23/22 Standard Deploy
  • Public Status Page (428) A publicly viewable status page for the Hyku Commons domain and Hyku product is available at https://palnipalciproduction-1646868677141.site24x7signals.com/. A more concise redirect URL will be established shortly [update: status.hykucommons.org]. From this page, anyone with the link can view the status of Hyku. Additionally, users can sign up for email updates through the page.
  • Default Collection Thumbnail option (362) From the Collection Edit page, users can select a thumbnail of a work included in the collection to override the default collection thumbnail that appears on homepage and search. This update added an option to select "Default Thumbnail" from this list to return the general default. 
3/4/2022 Standard Deploy
  • Abbreviated Description in Search Results (324) Collection descriptions and work abstracts now automatically truncate in search results
  • Registered Users Being Added to Newly Created Admin Sets (414) Fixed a bug where the Registered Users group would be added as depositors to new admin sets upon creation
  • Redirect Domain “Request Entity Too Large” Error (432) Fixed a bug where domains that redirected to Hyku Commons could only upload small files
  • Contact Form Results in Error Message (415) Attempted to fix a bug where a user submitting through the contact form will receive an error message, even though the message goes through. This patch worked in staging but not in production, sent back for rework for the next deploy.