A message from Empire Library Delivery about resuming service

Timothy Jackson
Timothy Jackson
Hello, everybody.  The following message was sent to the ELD mailing list on Tuesday.  I'm posting it here in the event you didn't receive that email.




ELD Members,
As more and more areas of the state are reopening, we are working closely with the courier to make plans to restart delivery service. In order to help coordinate this we ask that you complete the below survey indicating a date you would like delivery to resume at your location. 
We understand that many libraries have a backlog of materials to return so as you begin to send items out please reference the date on the delivery restart summary documentand send materials to only libraries listed as resuming service. This will help free up space in the hubs and delivery vehicles and minimize potential loss or damage.   
   Below are the procedures we will follow: 
  1. ELD member submits survey with delivery restart date and any changes to delivery procedures for the driver. Please submit only one response per location. You may edit this after submitted. 
  2. ELD communications the requested start-up date to the courier. The courier will determine the start date based on the route and number of other locations on the route or hub that are open.
  3. ELD communicates the date delivery will resume to member institution.
  4. Delivery resumes on the confirmed date.
  5. Member checks delivery restart response document and sends materials to other ELD members that have restarted delivery.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Are you requiring signatures at this time? To avoid exchanges of papers or devices, drivers will not be required to get signatures until further notice.   
  • How many bins will the drivers be able to take when we restart? On average, 5 bins per stop. The exact number may vary because based on route and vehicle size. 
  • Once an opening date is reported, when will deliveries restart?  Start dates will vary by route and hub depending on how many other locations are open and if it is a dedicated or non-dedicated route. Once a delivery restart date is requested the ELD coordinator will work with the courier to determine what date service can resume. Locations will be notified in 3-5 days. 
  • What are the current driver protocols? Are they wearing mask, gloves? Do you require locations they are picking up from to wear masks, gloves, etc?  Attached is the courier's SOP for driver protocol and safety measures in place at this time.  
  • Will be drivers be going in locations or should items be left for pick up?  Drivers will follow normal procedures unless a change is requested by the library.
  • If you have a large numbers of books going and bins available you may want to sort them by hub and send out the furthest points or to open parts of the state first. Due to the backlog the drivers may not be able to take all bins on the first day. Remember to check to see if the receiving location is taking deliveries. 
  • Make sure all bags are clearly marked with name, address, symbol, and hub. Double check that no out of state and non-ELD members are sent out. 
If you have not filled out the book return survey you may also do that here
Please contact me with any questions. I am looking forward to getting delivery back up and running and working with all of you again soon!
Maria DeGaetano, Delivery Service Specialist
c/o CDLC  
28 Essex Street, Albany, NY 12206
admin@esln.org | 518.438.2500 x.132
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