AWG meeting 3/20/19

Wendi Ackerman
Wendi Ackerman
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Resource sharing reports 
  • Emily worked through the list of reports from the RS Working Group - saved in the Network Zone: /Shared Folders/Community/Reports/Institutions/01SUNY/Analytics WG samples reports/Resource Sharing reports 
  • Kabel is working on reports that will support ROTA/routing rule functionality.  He will also test the reports Emily worked on above 
  • Wendi will follow up with other working group chairs to ask (once more) if there are operational reports that we can be helping with.  Kabel will also ask Kate from the Acquisitions group.
ACRL reports
  • Beth Brown at Binghamton had luck using Alma for - Questions 40 and 40A, Orbis-Cascade reports were helpful for the print and electronic title counts.  She did not use Alma for collections expenditures this year, but plans to next year.
  • Kathy O'Brien had the opposite experience, Alma was helpful for collections expenditures but not item counts.
Questions to be answered
  • Is it possible to limit a list of report prompts so that it does not include those that are no longer used.  Gail will check into it.
  • The SMSP group posted a question to Basecamp about reporting on deleted records, and whether it is better to withdraw or suppress them, and does the migration of those records from Aleph to Alma effect reporting?
    • The answer may be in last week's training relative to deleted records, if not, it can be posed during an ExL Q &A.
  • We are now able to post documentation - what to include?
  • Joan will look at existing glossaries to and link to those that are helpful, and look for where there may be gaps in information. 
  • Gail will create best practice recommendations for report naming and descriptions.
  • Jaclyn will look for the best existing documentation on dashboards, and look for gaps.
  • A few of us have documentation developed for our own purposes, this can also be contributed to the guide.
Happy first day of spring!