Increase weekly qualified inbound leads to 10 by July 2021

Key Results
  • 100+ new unique weekly website visitors
  • 150+ new unique weekly App Store visitors
  • 15+ new newsletter subscribers
Pitch: Cross post our newsletter to drive additional subscribers and organic web traffic
Pitch: Find guest writers for our newsletter in adjacent industries that we've been meaning to target
Pitch: Find sponsors for our podcast that will post to their own subscriber base
Project: Launch a Podcast

Achieve our product's first true SaaS sale

Key Results:
  • Potential customers can complete the sign up and onboarding process without first talking to the sales team
  • Pricing tiers are transparently displayed on our landing page
  • Customers can pay for the product using a credit card
Note: True SaaS sale means no hand holding from the product team! 
Pitch: Add pricing tiers to landing page
Pitch: Bucket features into free and pro and turn on pro features for 30 days for free for all new sign ups
Project: Offer an initial onboarding experience to get the user up and running as fast as possible