Seacret Video Shoot Request for Quote

Paul Yenubo
Paul Yenubo
Hi All,

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Subject Request Date:  05.09.2018 - Video Shoot For Seacret Video Request for Quote
Dear Anh Paul,

I am writing to inquire about the cost for the video production based on the outline below:


1. Filming nail technician doing a pedicure and a manicure on the pedicure chair. The filming time should take about 30 minutes to include retakes.

This will take more time to film different closeups and techniques to really show the process, estimate 60-90 minutes

We do not necessarily have to shoot in one shot from start to finish. We can shoot different segments and put them together during editing. Therefore, if there is an error or a step we do not like, we can just re-shoot that step.  

2. Filming Cici performing facials on guests. Scenes as followed 
- Face cleaning and preparation (done on the table). This should take about 5 minutes.
- Masks: Wrinkle removal (Recover Mask), Dry skin treatment (Magnetic Mud Mask), Oily skin treatment (Clarifying mud mask). Each mask takes 15 minutes to complete, but it should take no longer than 1 minute to film the process and result.
- Deadskin removal (done on the facial chair) This should take 1 minute filming

Yes agree the final production video is 1 minutes.  But during the video shoot, we would advice more time again to get various coverage and shots estimate 1 hour.

3. Filming testimonials: we will have between 3 to 4 customers giving 1 minute testimonials on service, products and results.

Testimonials should take about 15 minutes each.

Production. We will need:
1. A 2 to 3 minute clip to feature the Pedicure and Manicure using Deadsea products. 
2. A 1 minute clip to feature the Deadsea facial regiment
3. A 1 minute clip for each of the facial mask
4. About 3 customer testimonials about 1 minute each.

Altogether we will produce about 12 minutes of video advertising materials. We will provide the written script to be displayed as running closed caption while the videos are being played on the TVs. Customers will watch and read the text because the salon already has its own music playing so there won't be any sound coming out from the advertising materials.

**We need all your scripts and sample pictures 4 days in advance.

From all of the materials, we will also select clips to put together a complete set of instructional videos for nail technicians.

These should be filmed as an individual video each not selected from clips, this will convey the proper message 

The instructional videos will be longer and using more of the recording materials than the advertising clips. The instructional videos will be about 30 minutes long with 10 minutes on pedicure and manicure, and 20 minutes on the facials. The instructional videos will have Vietnamese voice over done at the studio. 

Filming will take about 4 hours on site not including set up. This should be a whole day event. Advertising Production must not take more than a week to finish. And Instructional video production must not take more than 2 weeks after that to complete. Here is the suggested timeline:

Filming at the Salon: between May 9th to 16th

We would advise a full film day of 10 hours in a blocking schedule. We will discuss with you the best way to schedule the video shoot for maximum success.

With video production we want lots of b-roll coverage. B-roll coverage for a facial as an example: 

- Would include shots of the technician and client together
- The clients actions close up
- The technicians techniques close up and far away
- Different products used etc.
- That is why it takes longer than your original thought.
- We can offer higher quality and more engaging content this way.

Advertising videos must be completed by May 23rd
Instructional videos must be completed no later than June 6th

We have filming slot available for the following date:  Wednesday 5/16/2018 or Monday 5/21/2018.  Please also let us know the dates ahead of time so we will plan with you guys accordingly. 

Please provide us with the following:
- Itemized cost breakdown for the above project
- Whether or not the timeline for filming and production are feasible.

Your immediate response will be appreciated as we are looking to schedule and initiate the project right away.

Please review the project estimate cost from the link below: