Build Your Community

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What does it take to build an online community?

  • A Cause. 
  • Right Audience
  • Go To Place. 
  • Regular Outreach. 

Who can build an online community?

  • A brand. 
  • An NGO. 
  • Educational Institution. 
  • An Individual. 

How much time does it take to launch an online community?

  • 2 Weeks: Know Your Audience. 
  • 1 Week: Content Strategy 
  • 8-12 Weeks: Build Content Hub
  • Ongoing: Content Programs + Content Channels

What are the examples of few online communities?

1. Know Q Out: Community for knowledge games.
2. Joy Of Journey: Community for unique travelers.
3. India Bioscience: Community of life science professionals in India.

Past Work & Pitches

  1. Taco Bell 
  2. Fab India 
  3. Marks & Spencers 
  4. Royal Enfield
  5. Flickr 
  6. Costa Coffee


Abhishek Rai: Digital/ Content Strategy.
Miranj: Information Architecture & Content Hub

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