Build Your Community

BYC helps you identify, build and grow your community.

In the past ten years we have built online communities for brands and organizations such as WWF India, Quaker Oats, Goodyear India and Yahoo India. 

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What does it take to build an online community?

  • A Cause. 
  • Right Audience
  • Go To Place. 
  • Regular Outreach. 

Who can build an online community?

  • Non profit organization
  • Educational Institution
  • Political party
  • A brand

Why you should build one?

  • Reach out to stakeholders of your organisation, brand and the cause. 
  • Help your users and customers for real, not just sell in the garb. 
  • Think long term, not just a tactical campaign to get likes and shares. 

Our approach:POST

  • People: Know your audience. 
  • Objectives: Set clear goals and objectives.
  • Strategy: Develop a specific plan for an audience with specific objectives. 
  • Technology: Choose the right medium as per the above, not the current fad. 

What's the process?

We offer three ways to work together. 
  1. Workshop: to optimize existing channels
    You already use social media channels to reach out your community. You post content, hold contests and give away prizes. 
    You require specific channel for different stakeholders. We do a 4 hour workshop, explaining what channel works best for you. We share best practices, and a framework to choose the channels for your brand and organization. 
  2. Content module: build your content & channel strategy
    Your content is the engine to reach out to the stakeholders for the specific outcomes. Steps to make engaging content is by identifying the right audience, defining the right outcomes, and building a bullet proof outreach. 
    We work with your core team to develop a strategy deck, and do workshop to implement with them. We can also do this on build, operate and transfer approach. 
  3. Full stack: Strategy+ Content + Hub
    Online communities require a hub to get together and act. With an online hub, designed specifically for the stakeholders, makes it easier. Building online communities just with the social media channels is difficult as it only allows you to do what you want to do. 
    We partner with Miranj, an expert in building content hubs. 

Our work

  1. WWF: Newsletter program
    WWF India organizes asia's biggest environment quiz; Wild Wisdom Quiz. We worked with them to build a newsletter program for their past, current and future participants.
    We used Google Alerts for participants to keep getting information, even after the newsletters' cycle got over.
    We helped in developing, designing and reaching out.

    - Content strategy
    - Newsletter development and design
    - Outreach 

  2. Joy of journey: Travel community
    Goodyear India commissioned to build an online community to spread the awareness about their hundred year old existence in India. We built editorial team to develop a content strategy. We also built a content hub for the community. Finally we managed their outreach.

    - Content strategy 
    - Content production
    - Content hub 
    - Outreach 

  3. Taco Bell: Food community
    Taco Bell hired us to launch their brand in Mumbai. We also developed their strategy deck for their online strategy. They wanted to highlight their food adventures.
    We  matched the online profiles with the different types of food adventures people could take.

    - Content strategy 
    - Content hub strategy deck 
    - Channel strategy

  4. Fab India: Social enterprise community
    Who doesn't know Fabindia. They commissioned a strategy deck for their online community. We suggested them to take a story telling and workshop approach to tap the already existing groups of admirers of Fabindia.

    - Content strategy 
    - Content hub strategy deck 
    - Channel strategy

  5. Royal Enfield: Riders' community
    We took a journey with Enfield to Wagah border to understand their community. After returning we worked with their community officer to develop the strategy deck. It highlighted reworking on their dormant community forum called number plates.

    - Content strategy 
    - Content hub strategy deck 
    - Channel strategy


Shack Co: Research/ Concept/ Strategy/ Content/ Outreach
Miranj: Information Architecture & Content Hub

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