3 ways for cities to benefit from the BEA partnership

Debbie Weyl
Debbie Weyl
Dear BEA partners:

We are proud of the achievements of our 35 (and counting!) partner cities over the past two years. Over the next two years, the BEA Partnership is excited to help you move from selecting and developing building efficiency actions into implementation and energy savings. Here are three ways you can benefit most from the BEA now:

1. Prepare for participation in the new BEA “city cohorts” by selecting and developing your BEA policy and project actions
  • Based on updated BEA city commitments, we will deliver technical assistance to regional “cohorts” of cities working towards similar goals. Cohorts will benefit from group training, peer learning, and engagement with roadmaps and tools related to their specific actions.
  • For 2018-2020, we have identified three cohorts: 
    • Public Building Energy Renovation and Finance
    • Adopting and Implementing Building Energy Codes and Sector Construction Standards
    • Energy Management and Improvement Targets for Building Portfolios
  • Activities will begin in early 2019. If you are particularly interested in one or more thematic cohorts, please reach out to Debbie Weyl at WRI or to your regional or city liaison. 
2. Apply for a Leadership Grant from the BEA!  For the first time this year, BEA cities can apply for small grants to help overcome specific barriers to their building improvement actions. Please note that this is not limited to the topics above. Apply for a Leadership Grant today, or reach out to your city and/or regional liaison for support developing an action plan and identifying areas where a grant may help you accelerate action.

3. Access more information from WRI and your BEA regional and city liaisons on upcoming events and training opportunities. For more information on ways to engage with the BEA, please refer to guidance on Activities available to BEA partner cities. Regular updates on BEA engagement opportunities are also sent in the BEA Newsletter; please contact Shannon Hilsey at shilsey@wri.org if you do not receive it.

We look forward to supporting and celebrating your achievements.

Best regards,

Debbie Weyl on behalf of the Building Efficiency Accelerator partners