AWG Meeting 10/3/18

Wendi Ackerman
Wendi Ackerman
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We have a very good list of reports and data used at our own campuses
  • Next step: consolidate and de-duplicate
  • Gail included several reports that are not specific to a single campus, and many are custom
  • Joan will share the document she started to condense the list, Wendi will use it to create a shared Google Doc
  • Kristy recommended that we categorize reports on functional areas, we can hopefully map to Alma subject areas (terminology used in the analytics module)
  • Need to determine which would be functions of Alma sets and which are part of Analytics, so that we are staying in scope
When the sandboxes go away, Kristy will create accounts for everyone on our group to access data after the data migration.  The data in the sandboxes was generic data, not specific to the campus - real data will make the testing of reports more informative.

Very few campuses will have acquisitions data in Alma after the migration - but Buffalo and Binghamton will, so our group will have access to that info.

The procedure for how training will be done has not yet been determined, but we can be thinking about what needs to be included

Kathy has looked more at ACRL reports. Wendi will ask for additional campuses to test the ACRL reports from the Community Zone and those offered by ExLibris when we have access to data after the test migration

We did not do much with Gail has experience with creating and using dashboards, she will share information she has about them, and suggested a hands-on session when when we have greater access to real data.

Our next meeting is 10/17.