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Welcome back + important updates for working parents

Jason Fried
Jason Fried
Welcome back everyone.

We hope the extra couple days off were helpful. And for those on support/ops who haven't taken them yet, we hope they'll be helpful when you do.

As we're all aware, COVID-19 is spreading fast. We should be prepared for this situation to last for months, not weeks. And even if it slows down, it could come roaring back later this year as people re-enter the public square.

Right now the business world is scrambling to figure out how to work from home. We're fortunate that we're well practiced - we've worked remotely for 20 years. So no change there. However that's not the case for our daily lives outside of work. Lots of change there.

Depending on where you live, schools may be closed, day care may be closed, all but the absolute necessities may be closed. And if not yet, it's likely they will be soon. Unfortunately, anxiety is always open for business.

This is especially tough on parents, and nearly half of us who work at Basecamp have young kids. Without schools or daycare, we're required to be full-time parents during the day. But we also have full-time jobs. We'll be stretched thin, under tension, and stress will build. Something has to give.

Work should give. Work will give. Family first.

So forever how this lasts, for those with kids or other obligations at home (elderly parents, grandparents, at-risk relatives you need to care for, etc), all we ask is that you find a balance that works for you. Whatever works for you works for us.

If that means you can only find a few hours a day for work, that's fine. If some days you simply can't work, that's fine too. Just make your best effort and communicate your situation with your team. You're in charge of your time.

Everyone will still be paid their full-time salary, even if they can only put in half-time work. You don't need to worry about that. Everything's good there. You're covered. You don't need to use up personal days or vacation days. Pressure off.

For those without extra obligations at home, we're not asking you to work harder or to make up for the time other people don't have. Still just calm 8-hour days, 40-hour weeks. But if there's anything you can do to help people who are preoccupied at home, I'm sure they'd appreciate the hand. Maybe you can take the more complicated work off their plate. Ease their obligations at work. Be helpful.

One more thing... A lot of people have friends who are losing jobs right now. It's terrible, and we feel for them. But I want everyone here to know that Basecamp’s business is solid. Nobody has to worry that their job is at risk. We’ve always run this business conservatively, so our margin of safety is wide. We're in good shape.

We'll get through this. Be good, be safe, and be kind.

-Jason + David