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Russell Pollari
Russell Pollari
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Job Description

As a Lead Software Developer at SM, you’ll be responsible for managing our entire tech stack. Your main focus will be to help design and develop features end to end.  We push code daily—you’ll be doing a lot of zero to one, breaking down high-level goals, and experimenting to find the best solutions.

Full stack web development is the main gig. But we are a small startup with just a couple of employees so you will have a chance to wear a lot of hats—from data engineering to product management. There is plenty of room for your role to grow and evolve. In fact, it will have to grow and evolve.

What you'll mostly do: 
  • Take shaped product ideas, turn them into code, and deploy them to our users.
  • Manage integrations with 3rd party tools—like Stripe and MongoDB Atlas.
  • Keep the issue backlog at bay.
But also:
  • Dabble in DevOps and update our CI/CD pipeline.
  • Summarize and display analytics with Metabase or Posthog.
  • Provide mentorship to aspiring software developers.
  • Occasionally refactor Russell's legacy spaghetti code :)

What you'll get:
  • $80,000 CAD
  • Stock options
  • A fully remote job with flexible work hours.
  • A seat at the table for company and product decisions.
  • A team that values self-improvement, honesty, and trust.


Must haves
  • Experience building and deploying web applications.
  • Strong experience with JavaScript and Node.js.
  • Strong experience with MongoDB.
  • Strong experience with React.
  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • A desire to get out of your comfort zone and learn new things.
  • The ability to work independently and manage your own time.
  • Experience with Meteor.js.
  • Experience with Heroku.
  • Experience building and maintaining analytics dashboards.
  • A love for good processes and a distaste for inefficiencies.
  • You are wary of over-engineering. You would rather focus on building the right thingeven if it's embarrassingover building something awesome that nobody uses.
Experience / Education
  • 2+ years in full-stack web development. 
  • Your educational background doesn't matter. Show us something you've built.
Location / Visa
  • Fully remote.
  • Canadians with work authorization are preferred. But exceptions can be made if you're a great fit.

About SharpestMinds

SharpestMinds is on a mission to make mentorship more accessible. It is difficult and awkward to find a mentor in the wild. And most people, especially early in their career, don't have access to the right networks, or the money to pay someone upfront.

We believe that the right mentor at the right time can be life-changing. SharpestMind is the place to find that mentor. We have nearly 500 amazing mentors, with more joining every week.

Up until now, we've focused primarily on data scientists and machine learning practitioners. You'll be joining at an exciting time when we start to explore an expansion into software engineering. And beyond. 

We strive to maintain a culture (amongst our team and our mentor/mentee community) that is default helpful and default trusting. We like to think long-term and believe that incentives matter. This is why our flagship product is based on Income Share Agreements—we only make money (along with our mentors) when our mentees do.

How to apply

  • Fill out this form. We'll get in touch.
  • There will be a phone screen, and 2-3 interviews.