AWG Meeting 4/4/18

Wendi Ackerman
Wendi Ackerman
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  • Alma update (Kristy)
    • Access to dummy data in the sandbox will be available on 5/1, info on logging in will be provided
  • Continue working through Essentials training and consider Alma Certification  (would be helpful for a couple of us to be certified)
  • Reviewed task list in Trello, some of the larger tasks include
    • Needs survey
    • Documentation
    • LibGuide - used to communicate information (best practices, policies, etc.), Kristy can add others as editors if someone in the group would like to take lead
    • Wendi will move to-do's from list to message board, will allow discussion, comments, etc., 
  • Shannon asked that we look at:
    • Training needs, familiarize people with the new interface
    • Differences between the functionality and capabilities of Alma compared to Aleph
    • Frame how to orient SUNY to the new interface and the sharing of analytics
  • As our liaison, Kristy: 
    • Can set up up meetings with other Alma users/consortia to address specific questions
    • Will convey specific suggestions (and questions) back to EXLibris
    • Is a member of the Alma Analyics SIG, which focuses on features and enhancements
    • Is subscribed to relevant listservs  - will share the link(s) with the group

(** Please feel free to add anything left out **)