Nov 4

Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
Kristy Lee (New Paltz)
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1. updates from last meeting
2. OAS migration - we are in the freeze period right now, any problem?
- so far no major issues, reports still run, but the changes made during the freeze (Nov 1-8) not saved.
- Gail showed how to save the report - in the report, go to Advanced, copy the XML code, save it in a text file, when OAS went live, copy that XML file back to the a report
3. Testing Alma new out-of-the-box reports updates
- Kristy received the access to EXL Basecamp, but so far no activity yet
4. other things
 - Gail will check the zoom meeting setting (because Karen retired)
- Nov release, NZ analytics folder available to the individual campus
- Next meeting is Tues Dec 1 at 10am (moved from our regular Wed time)
- for next meeting, we will share the tips and tricks on how to run the Update/Notify User job using analytics report as the input to create set in Alma.